Coordinate Based Movement System

Hey there! Are you tired of your little project featuring hundreds of rooms for what is basically a single location? Do you like your object list to be as clean as possible? Are you running out of names for your rooms?

Well, do I have the solution for you! Now you can feature several locations within a single room, with this library taking care of most things automatically. In short, all you really have to worry about are the descriptions and layout of your location, with most scripts being pretty editable should it lack some feature you need... hell, if you have a major idea for a feature, I might just add it if you tell me!

If you're interested in making your games bigger, your locations grander and my ego truly titanic, I'll be happy if you tried it out while I work on more libraries, mostly a skill check system and a status effect system, both of which are hopefully more agreeable with quest...

The User-Friendly update is now out, fixing a few Problems and adding UI for ease of use!

Would this library help me do something like Creating a city street with lots of enterable houses that have rooms in them, which have objects and closets etc?

You're saying it's designed to make that sort of thing much easier to do?

While the design is more for designing a city grid with houses still kept as their own sub-rooms, you could probably have your street on the y axis, with houses branching off left and right on the x axis.

You'd just have to figure how moving around inside the houses would work that way since the other houses would block off your y axis, but the library takes care of making objects visible/invisible and so on!

Hmm, it sounds like it might be very interesting for the towns/cities that I'm planning to eventually build. Do you have a mini example game uploaded to play in and see what it's like?

Not yet, owing to a few rewrites and a major computer crash/reinstall, but I'm working on creating one again when I can!

Oh man! I'm sorry your computer crashed!

That's no good. I'm looking forward to exploring this library more once you get everything sorted though.

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