Quest 5.8 Working in Wine

I seem to have finally gotten Quest working in Wine on Linux, thanks in no small part due to helpful tidbits that were dropped in the bug report viewable at .

Below are the commands (with some portability tweaks) that I used; it's assumed that:

  • winecfg and winetricks are already installed (Ubuntu/Debian users, as of this post, may need to use the Github version of winetricks rather than the distro repository version if there's complaints of a sha256 mismatch)
  • quest580.exe has already been downloaded and is in ~/Downloads
  • a recent Wine is installed (I got this working on Wine 6.9 from Wine's package repos rather than a distro's Wine package)
cd ~/Games

WINEARCH=win32 WINEPREFIX="/home/$USER/Games/Quest" winetricks -q windowscodecs gdiplus corefonts dotnet40 vb6run speechsdk

WINEARCH=win32 WINEPREFIX="/home/$USER/Games/Quest" winecfg

# at this point, a winecfg window will pop up
# you will need to set the emulated Windows version to something more recent than XP
# if you don't, the installer will complain in the next step; Windows 7 worked for me

WINEARCH=win32 WINEPREFIX="/home/$USER/Games/Quest" wine ../Downloads/quest580.exe

There might be a winetricks package or two that isn't strictly necessary, but the speechsdk package /does/ appear to be strictly necessary, and since the speechsdk package only supports 32 bit Wine prefixes, the WINEARCH=win32 environment is necessary.

The compatibility may not necessarily be perfect, but so far, Quest running in Wine /does/ appear to run games as expected for me (based on my rather limited testing). I hope this walkthrough is able to help those of you who have been unable to play Quest games due to using Linux systems.

Holy crap!

You are awesome!!!

This works in Arch Linux with all the stuff installed normally via the Pacman package manager.


I hereby award you a star for the day!!!


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Thanks dude! now I can actually use quest on my only laptop

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