Upcoming changes to the forums

We've been using phpBB for the forums ever since 2003. This was actually before the rest of the site existed in its current form - textadventures.co.uk was only launched in 2007, and the forums have never been integrated with it.

This has meant that, to fully participate in the community, you've needed to have two separate accounts on what are really two entirely separate sites - one account for the main textadventures.co.uk site, and one account for the forums. This is confusing, as it's not obvious that the accounts are separate, and each site has a completely different look and feel.

Now, finally, I am going to integrate the forums with the main site.

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 23.07.11.png

I have almost finished the initial work on this and I expect to launch the new forums some time in the next few weeks. All the current posts from the old forums will be migrated over, and old links will redirect to the right place.

Your login to the main site is all you'll need to participate in the new forums, so your username and avatar for new posts will come from your profile there. Your old posts from the old forums will be unaffected, so they'll continue to appear with your old forum username and avatar. Just be aware that if you had different names on the old forum and main site, in future it'll be your name on the main site that will appear on your new posts.

Moderators will also change - if you're a moderator on the main site, you'll automatically be a moderator on the forums too.

In terms of features, I've created the new forums from scratch with a fairly minimal feature set to keep things simple and clean:

- format posts using Markdown and/or HTML
- edit and delete your posts
- highlighting of new posts since your last visit
- link to individual posts within a thread
- Atom feeds for new posts to each forum, and a feed for new posts to all forums
- responsive layout so the forums work nicely on mobile devices

I've not implemented attachments yet. I expect I will add this fairly soon, but in the meantime you could use a service like imgur for attaching screenshots to posts.

I hope you'll enjoy using the new forums, and hopefully it will mean more people participating here. Any questions or comments please let me know below!

New forums sound great!

One question. Given that we all have two accounts, which account will be transferred over/become the main? In my case for example, this is definitely my main...and the where my game is posted is the older name since it didn't get changed over with this one! :D

Just curious!

BTW, keep up all the great work, we all love Quest and appreciate this whole community. Everyone is nice and helpful, nobody is rude or snooty. It's pretty relaxed. I feel like I can ask any question and be given a straight forward honest answer from people, even if they are new. Just goes to show what kind of people are attracted to this :)

Also, I'd love to help moderate, although I think I'd be one of the less experienced coders >.>; It's really up to everyone else if they think I'd cut it. If not, still having fun!

Alex wrote:
I've not implemented attachments yet. I expect I will add this fairly soon, but in the meantime you could use a service like imgur for attaching screenshots to posts.

But the migrated posts will still have the old attachments?

The Pixie
Great idea. it will make it much easier for players to ask about games on the forum, rather than the game comments. As it is, it feels like one site is for player, the other for writers.

As Pertex says, we need attachments to be migrated, from the library forum at least,

Don't worry, all existing attachments will be migrated. The only thing that might not be ready for the initial release is adding attachments to new posts.

I want to think more carefully about the use cases for adding attachments - obviously for sharing libraries it has been useful, but I think it might be better to have a more structured way of sharing libraries than using forum posts.

Anonynn wrote:
One question. Given that we all have two accounts, which account will be transferred over/become the main? In my case for example, this is definitely my main...and the where my game is posted is the older name since it didn't get changed over with this one! :D

Your account on the main site will be the only one you use from now on. Your forum account won't exist any more. If you need help getting your main account set up correctly, send me a message via the contact form on the main site. It's probably easiest if you set up a new account with the name you want to use and then I can transfer your existing authored games over to that one.

The Pixie
Is it worthwhile having an "adult" section, only visible to grown-up, with a playing forum and a writing forum?

The new forums are now live!

Let me know if you experience any problems (I am certain there will be plenty, at least in the first few days after launch), or if you have any suggestions.

Just wondering...

It appears I can edit or delete any post on the forums (and not just my own). I'm assuming this is a moderator thing and not something anyone else can do?

If this a choice of yours or a "package" deal with the new forum format? I'm just curious of its value over its risk.

If you're a moderator on the main site, you're now a moderator on the forums too. That's why you have the ability to edit and delete posts now. I didn't see the point in having two different groups of moderators.

What happened to the nice old forum? The new one... sorry, but it's an eyesore.

Sounds good. If I ever say anything stupid, I'm going to claim that The Pixie edited my post to make me look stupid. =)

I am not a mod, so I can't!

The old forum had an icon you could click to jump to unread posts. Any chance of that coming back? Or at least the author in the list of titles so you know if someone has replied to you.

Darn it. Fair enough. Blame will get passed to Marzipan.

The new forum jumps to unread posts automatically. Posts in bold are unread, and when you click on them the page scrolls down to the first unread post.

quick question, what is the code/tag syntax now for posts, such as doing the 'code box', 'quote box', etc etc etc?

also, will there be implemented the expanded formatting and etc post options ?

The new forum doesn't seem to have a link to the list of unread posts though, for all categories.

In the moderator view there is a chain symbol right of the delete button. What should that do (nothing happens)?
One moderator option for the future is moving threads into other categories. It's not possible to delete complete threads?

Upps, I can see the thread "Upcoming changes to the forums" two times in the category. One with 16 posts and one with 5 posts.

In what way is the new forum intended to be an improvement over the old one? All I see are negatives.

And no, it doesn't scroll down to the latest unread post for me. I just tested on this thread several times and each time I had to scroll down manually.

Did you deactivate javascript? Then it doesn't scroll

If you are the first person who writes a new post in a thread, then the thread is doubled.

Is there no personal message system now? I did not use it much, but occasionally it was very useful. For example, I am awaiting a beta-test report right now.


Formatting is done using Markdown. You can also use HTML.

To quote a post, use > before some text, e.g.

> this is a quote

looks like this

this is a quote

And to add a code block, you can put ``` (three backticks) at the beginning and end of the code.


The chain symbol is the direct link to each post. If you click it your address bar will be the link of that post, so you can then paste that into another post to link to it.

The thread-doubling bug should be fixed now.

@The Pixie

No there is no PM facility on the new forums. If you have no other way of getting in touch with your beta tester, let me know their username and I'll email them your email address?

@David W

I'm open to all suggestions and feedback if you can give me a bit more detail :)

I've set up the new forums so we don't have to rely on an entirely separate piece of software on a separate site any more. These forums are written by me, which is why they may currently be a bit buggy, and probably need a few layout tweaks, but it means we have the flexibility to make them work the way we want.

Just off the top of my head:

There’s no “view new posts” option, which is what I always had this forum (and every forum I visit) set to before. As it is now, to see the new posts I need to look at each forum heading and try and remember when I last visited, or click on each and scroll to the bottom to see if any new posts have been added.

There’s no PM facility. Every other forum I'm a member of has it and the old forum had it. Losing it is pretty off-putting. Also, are the PMs we had on the old forum gone for good or is there any way of accessing them again? (There’s probably nothing I’ll ever need in mine anyway, but it’d be nice being able to access them if I need.)

The old forum was a lot easier on the eye. That’s just cosmetics, but it was good to have something nice to look at while posting.

We don’t have signatures anymore? And the information we entered into our profiles – location, etc – is no longer listed below our usernames?

The members list is gone. It’s probably not 100% necessary but it was a nice feature to have.

Quoting posts isn’t very straightforward. I've tried it but nothing comes up.

The jumping to first unread post seems pretty hit and miss. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

Once I've posted, the old forum used to display my post and any replies to the thread that might have come about in the meantime. The new one takes me out of the thread altogether so I need to go back into the thread and scroll back down again to see my post and any other replies.

Let’s see if bold and italics work.

The old forum had formatting options above the text entry box, the new one doesn’t.

Hmmm... that came out as quoted when it wasn't meant to. I'd just meant to mark each paragraph with ">".

Also, there's no option to delete a post and no post count. Granted, we don't really need a post count but it was still a nice feature to have.

EDIT: it seems pretty random what happens after you post a message. Sometimes you're taken to the top of the thread (not to the bottom where you'd just posted) and other times you're taken out of the thread altogether.

How do you insert a photo/screenshot into your post?

EDIT: Seconding David W... FYI. I've returned to the same, read page multiple times and am always at the top of the thread and need to scroll down instead of picking up where I left off.

@David W

You don't need to remember which posts you've seen before - new ones appear in bold. I'll look into adding a "new posts" view - is that essentially just one page of topic titles which have new posts in them?

I've intentionally not implemented a PM facility for now, to keep things simple. I may add this in future if there's a compelling need. Until then, use email? If you need to access your old PMs for any reason then let me know. The old forum server is still online for the next couple of months if we need to get at the data there.

Signatures haven't been a thing on this forum for a few years now.

To quote a post, copy and paste it with a quote character in front > (kind of like you did already by accident I suppose).

I'll improve the post editor over time, yes it needs some formatting buttons and a link to a Markdown guide.

There's a Delete button to the right of your posts.


For now, upload your picture to imgur and then use this syntax:


Scrolling to the first unread post works when there is an unread post... after you've read it, it's not unread any more. Always remembering the scroll position for each thread is something I'd like to add at some point (I like how Discourse does it).

Thank you.

Also, I need to either access my old PM's OR get the link to The Pixie's private game that needs beta-testing. My PMs is the only place I stored the link. =)

Beacon on my coding ignorance --> I also don't know what:


means or how to use it.

I tried writing it as .......................

Those dots have the ![] followed by this link http://imgur.com/9JA9dyg (the link is in parentheses). So, ![](http://imgur.com/9JA9dyg
followed by a closed parenthesis - ')' but I get a blank response when I try to post. Sorry for my ignorance! =/

I'm trying to place the picture in the forum thread, not just the link. Thanks again!

EDIT: Never mind!! I forgot my .png file extension! =)
alt text

OK you can log into the old forums to access your PMs here: http://axeuk.com/forum/index.php

You don't need to remember which posts you've seen before - new ones appear in bold. I'll look into adding a "new posts" view - is that essentially just one page of topic titles which have new posts in them?

Pretty much yes.

There's a Delete button to the right of your posts.

I don't see one. I have an EDIT button and an icon which looks like two letter C's, but doesn't seem to do anything when I click on it.

As for what I meant by eye candy...

The old forum:

The new forum:

I know it's early stages yet but the new forum is so bland compared to the old one.

Actually my second screenshot illustrates what I meant about not knowing which posts are new at a glance. Looking at that screenshot, how can I tell what posts are new and what aren't? I need to click on each individual sub-section of the forum in turn.

Forums with new topics appear in bold. I suggest clicking "Mark all read", then next time you come back you'll see forums with new posts more easily. (Right now, all forums have "new" posts in for you).

The issue with new posts is, I suspect, because we have swapped systems, and so for the moment, they are all new posts. Once you have looked at a thread, gone away and someone has posted, then you will jump to the new posts. That seems to work fine.

I think the lack of PMs is the one big drawback; it is very useful for beta-testing, and far better than washing your laundry in public. I would prefer not to have to give my e-mail in an open forum.

Alex, could you PM XanMag with my e-mail address? XanMag, if you e-mail me, I will send you the link again if that is okay.

Personally, I think the aesthetic is a big improvement. It fits with the rest of the site, stands out from other fora, and is is a much cleaner interface. It does need some tweaks, but it is early days.

I also like the look of the forum more now. However besides a 'new posts' list I think an 'unread posts' list would be very useful -- they're not really the same thing, and I would rather not add the feed for all new posts to my RSS reader.

What's the difference between a new post and an unread one?

New post: one that shows up on the forum since the last time you visited it.

Unread post: any post that you've not read. It might be a post that's been there for a while, months even, but one that you've not yet looked at.

The advantage of being able to display new posts or unread posts is that with the first, you get to see everything new and with the second, you get to see every post you haven't currently looked at.

Do you really keep old posts unread??? At the end of a week I mark all posts as read. What I haven't read till then is not interesting any more

I would like to have a scroll down to the latest post even in read threads. Normally you want to check the last posts of a threat

I generally just check the new posts, not the unread ones, but I can see the advantage of both. It's basic forum functionality so no real reason not to have it.

Thanks Alex for letting me know that this uses the 'markup' language, and for addressing all the other questions too.

@Alex wrote

What's the difference between a new post and an unread one?

It depends on the implementation of new posts. In phpbb for example you can 'mark forums read' but that doesn't affect the new posts link. If you look at new posts, close the tab, and look at new posts again, the same list is still there. If 'new posts' means something else here, I might not need an 'unread posts'. But I can imagine a scenario where I look at the forum, don't have time to read the unread posts, and when I look at it again I still want the unread posts list to be there -- I don't want them to be 'old posts' just because I visited the forum twice.

Here we just track which posts you've read - it doesn't matter if you visit and then come back, if it's unread then it's unread until you either read it or hit the "Mark all as read" button.

If you want to track new posts regardless of which ones you've read, you can use the Atom feeds with something like Feedly right now. I may implement a "new posts" view if that's something a lot of people would find useful.

A few minor tweaks I just made:

  • after posting, we now take you back you to the topic so you can view the post you just made (and any other replies that came in while you were typing)
  • added "Jump to last post" and "Back to top" links to save you from scrolling

In case any code-deficient ninny like me might have missed this from another thread...

Jay posted this link to help with formatting syntax on this new forum. It was quite helpful to me. Thanks, Jay!


In the topic view I would like to see the name of the last poster in the column "Last Post" something like "05 Jul 2016 05:21 by The Pixie". The name should be a link which opens the topic and jumps to the last post.
When there is a new topic created by a newbie like "need help with attributes" and there is an answer from an advanced user I don't have to read this topic.

Is there a way to search the forums? I think there was one before. That was extremely useful for newcomers like myself, with so much great information hidden there somewhere.

I'll probably add a Google custom search box soon.

Until then, if you want to search for, say, "combat", you can Google using a query like

site:textadventures.co.uk combat

That will give you results from the forums and the documentation too, which is nice.

Not to contribute to feature creep here, and I'm only asking if it's easy... I was using stackoverflow yesterday, and when I answered a question, it had a "spoiler" notation, which was quite handy and is something people have asked for in the past (the ability to put text in a post that remains hidden unless someone wishes to see it). Is that something that can be easily dropped in/turned on?

The separate RSS feeds for each subforum are much appreciated!

Although I thought the "Libraries and Code samples" forum was specifically for Quest before...is it now for both Quest and Squiffy?

Also, will there be a way to set up notifications if someone replies to you on the forum? And a way to report spam?

Is there any way of seeing who else is online? I've had a look around but there doesn't seem to an option for it anywhere.

EDIT: And is there any way of seeing our old posts short of going through each thread in turn? The old forum had a link to all our posts in the profile section, but this one doesn't.

2nd EDIT: editing a post doesn't return the focus to the post, but to the top of the thread.

I'll add a spoiler tag soon.

"Libraries and Code Samples" is just for Quest really, as it doesn't make so much sense for Squiffy. Actually the idea of using a forum for libraries and code samples needs a bit of a rethink - it seems like code samples should really be in the docs, and we could also use something more structured for libraries.

I haven't thought much about notifications yet. If we come up with something, it would make sense for the same notification system to be used for reviews and comments on your games too.

No plans for a "who is online" view. I can't see much point?

I'll probably add a list of a user's forum posts to profiles at some point.

Looking into a spoiler tag, maybe we can keep things simple by not reinventing the wheel! There's a new HTML5.1 tag we can use, <details>.

It works in Chrome right now and other browsers are catching up - Firefox will have it enabled by default soon. It also works on Android. Who knows when it will be supported on iOS [EDIT: It works on my iPhone - don't know why MDN lists it as unsupported]

See MDN for more info, but basically we can use this for spoilers...

  This is the text that is hidden until you click.

Which appears like this.

Spoilers! This is the text that is hidden until you click.

@David W I've now fixed the issue in your second edit, we now take you to the post you edited after you submit.

It looks like you can do it without the summary tags, too:

blah blah blah

Is there a way to show the breadcrumb line at the bottom when reading posts?
I know I can use the 'back to top' feature, but then I need to click on the Forum being currently viewed or FORUMS to get to the next post to read.

Otherwise, congratulations on a cleaner look with the new forum.

About searching: The links offered by google search currently all (well, all that I tried) end in: "The resource you are looking for has been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable."

Possibly this will get better when google has re-indexed the forums.

@R2T1 I'll look at adding the breadcrumb nav to the bottom of the page too.

@bergedorfcacher Thanks for reporting that, this is fixed now.

Is there a way to report spam? I see some has just appeared.

I never thought I'd use my delete button in the forum to remove someone's post. Guess I was wrong! =)

I miss the functions to search in threads and i also miss the private massages. Lost forever?

I don't think we've ever had private massages here, but I wish we did :)

PMs would be fabulous. :)

I'd like to avoid having to implement PMs if I can. I see no need to make everybody have yet another inbox when we all have email addresses that work perfectly well and are much better at spam filtering etc.

If we can think through some of the actual reasons for using PMs then I think we can set up something better. For example, I could set something up so that people can create private betas for their games.

How about a place we could look up available personal contacts?

I think there's a big difference between a forum having lots of features that no one uses and a forum having so few features it looks like it's escaped from the 80's. The Intfiction forum has PMs, the ADRIFT forum has PMs, the old Quest forum had PMs - what advantage is there in not having them in the new one?

Um, because it takes time to develop and support features?

There's a lot of stuff I want to do with Quest, Squiffy and this site. If I'm working on one thing, that means I'm not working on another thing.

"Other forums have it" is not sufficient justification for a feature. If we can come up with reasons why PMs would be useful, then I can decide whether it's worth spending time on that feature, or if there's perhaps a better way of achieving the same things.

Serious question: why upgrade the forum at all? What advantage does this forum have over the old one?

The old one worked just fine, no one complained about it, no one thought it was lacking in features, no one thought it needed upgrading - or at least if they did, they did it very quietly. It was a great forum and it looked fine. The new one lacks so many features that plenty of other forums (including the old Quest forum) had. Maybe none of them are necessary, but when you're used to such features and they'd suddenly taken away, it's hard to feel like it's a positive change. This just feels like a massive step backwards. Like if the Intfiction people decided to give up their nice shiny forum and go back to the hideous Google Groups mess they used before. In other words: if it ain't broke, why fix it?

You've already heard from several different people why PMs would be a good idea. If you choose to ignore them, that's entirely up to you but surely you realise people aren't exactly happy about it.

Maybe I'm the wrong person to be saying this. I haven't used Quest for years and probably won't use it ever again so the forum upgrade doesn't really affect me as much as the other people here. But people don't seem happy and it's easy to see why.

Personally I'm happy to use email as well. But on other sites I have used precisely the PM method to pass on my email address without having to make it public. So yeah, I'd like to have PMs, but it surely isn't a priority for me.

Not that it's up to me, but updates to Squiffy, the rest of the website, etc. are a higher priority for me than adding new forum features.

Alex, if there's something that needs doing that doesn't require lots of programming expertise (maybe moving code samples from the forum to some other place?) please let us know how we can help.

Thanks Alice. Yes at some point soon I'd like to think about moving the libraries and code samples from the forum, probably to the docs.textadventures.co.uk site which is hosted on GitHub, and help would certainly be much appreciated! I'll post in that forum soon.

I think email can be used as a reasonable substitute for PMs if

  1. people don't mind giving their email addresses out to the people they want to communicate with, and
  2. there is a method to "connect" people (get emails exchanged) where it doesn't have to be posted publicly. Some people don't mind, but the spam bots do love posted email addresses.

If number 1 is an issue for someone, it can't be worked around. But I would think in this day and age (says the old, out-of-touch fogey) that people would have some sort of email address thingy they can share, even if it's one they create just for that purpose. (Ok, easier said than done for some, but...)

Number 2 could be solved by someone on this site (me, for example, or whoever wishes to do it) posting their email address for others to use as a go-between to get emails exchanged privately. The go-between would know the emails, but the world wouldn't have to.

Just some thoughts...

Alex, I try to like the new forum but at the moment when reading all the comments I have the feeling you want to torture the community. The community keeps Quest alive. If you look at the blog, twitter, facebook, github, there is no sign of life in Quest any more (so I was really happy to see your activity with the new forum). Only the forum is living, it's the first thing I open in the morning to check who is online and to get a quick overview who posted which posts, to see the old pals like Jay, The Pixie, HK and the other guys. The new forum is very sterile in this respect, I don't feel "at home" there.

But moving libraries and code samples to Github is the next step into this direction. It's much to complicated, user-unfriendly and time-consuming to add or edit pages there, so nobody will update these pages or add new pages. In a forum it's easy and fast, just write some text and upload a file.

As you said there is a lot stuff you want to do but do you concentrate on the right points? Yes, its important to enhance the categorizing of games. But what else? Squiffy is a nice tool but there are lots of such tools, too. I only know one game that uses the capabilities of it (the google map game).
The gamebook mode is nice for kids or newbies but is not known for creating great works.
Quest is well known for creating textadventures easily and it would become famous (I am sure :-)) if it would create native Javascript games, so QuestKit is in my eyes the only way to keep Quest alive for a long time. And to keep the Quest community alive!

What about an interface in the documentation that makes it easy to add/organize code samples there? (Without having to use Github)?

Aside: If you ever want to give out your email address but don't want the text explicitly where it can be harvested (but you don't mind humans seeing it), then you can do something like this:


I have a library I'd want to share. Shall I just wait till attachments are available or is there some other way?

I thought about another use case for PMs (if those allow forwarding t email): They are useful for getting in touch with people who have contributed here (say with a library), but have left the site. They still might be willing to answer questions, if only they hear about them. (I had precisely this on another communty I was part of. I still got a few PMs years later and in some cases could help.) A 'watch this topic' feature with email alerts would be some kind of replacement for that possibly. I'm still not saying this is the most important thing ever, just wanted to share my thought.

Instead of having to reinvent the wheel, I'd love to get us using standard tools where we can.

Libraries and code samples seem perfect for GitHub?

  • Upload libraries to your own GitHub repositories. That way we can work on them collaboratively, we can log issues, you can even document them using GitHub wikis.
  • Upload code samples as GitHub gists.

As a bonus, Quest itself is developed on GitHub. So even if there's a learning curve, if you ever want to contribute to Quest itself, then the process is the same as contributing to other people's Quest libraries.

@bergedorfcacher would you mind being a guinea pig for this? Could you set up a GitHub account, create a new repository for your library and upload it there? And then let us know how it goes?

Guinea pig is my second name. Here is the repository: https://github.com/bergedorfcacher/quest_germanArticles

Setting that up was fairly easy. I see there is even a local wiki on each repository, that might be useful for documentation, examples and so on.

I'll post about the library on the Libraries and Code Samples forum too, so any discussion about the content can go there.


I have noticed several new people on the forum recently, which is the biggest test of the new forum.

Thanks for the breadcrumbs, Alex. Makes life easier for retired old blokes like me.

Is there a way to post code in the little window like in the old forum. I just posted a chunk of code, but you can't scroll down in the windowed section of code as it appears on the entire page of the forum. I'm using the three ` marks to indicate lines of code. Thanks.

Personally I didn't like the mini scrolling window. I think if you're going to post about some code, we should be able to see all of it!

If the code is too long to sensibly fit in a forum post, then it would be better to share it using a GitHub gist. They're easy to download, version and fork (so other people can create their own versions), which I think is valuable. If it's even bigger (multiple files, perhaps) then create a full GitHub repository for it.

how long will such a gist exist? Will it be deleted automatically after some time? Is it possible to add a button which opens a page with all important infos about posting ( how to quote, code, spoiler, github gist)?
I just noticed that the wrong time is shown with the posts. It's using the wrong time zone.

Gists exist forever.

I'll add some help guide soon - those items look like good things to cover. (If somebody else has some time to write a forum help guide that would be awesome)

Post times are currently shown using UTC. I'll add something soon to convert them to your local timezone.

Here's a rough draft of a forum formatting guide. I don't know how/where you are going to want people to put gists and repos though, or, rather, how to communicate their whereabouts.

Block quotations

Begin each line with the > symbol:

> This text will appear as
> a block quote.


This text will appear as
a block quote.


To hide spoilers, put them between details tags:

 <details>This text is hidden until you click.</details>


This text is hidden until you click.

You can also add a "Spoilers" label between summary tags:
This text is hidden until you click.


Spoilers! This text is hidden until you click.

Code within a post

To include a block of code in a post, begin and end with three backticks, or backquotes :

Code goes here.


Code goes here.

Code samples

For a code sample that's too large for a post, you can create a Github gist: https://help.github.com/articles/creating-gists/


If you want to share a library that's more than one file, you can create a Github repository: http://help.github.com/articles/create-a-repo/

Thanks Alice!

It doesn't matter where people put their gists or repos... just create them and then link to them from forum posts.

Anyway, this is a great starting point for a forum help guide. I think I'll add it to the GitHub repository for the docs.textadventures.co.uk so it can be edited by everybody via pull requests.

OK I have put this online here: http://docs.textadventures.co.uk/forum/ and will add a link from the forums soon.

This is served via GitHub pages, and the source is here: https://github.com/textadventures/textadventures.github.io/blob/master/forum/index.md - happy to accept pull requests!

Can we get a 'New Topic' button at the top of each sub-forum? I'm greedy. Sorry. =)

Might be worthwhile putting how to do italic and bold on that page, Alex.

Ok, I did a pull request to add italic and bold, and a table of contents with links to jump to each section. I have never done a pull request before so if there is something I should be doing differently, please let me know.

Many thanks Alice! I've now merged the pull request, and I've also added a link to it in a new pane which you'll see to the right of the post form which gives some basic formatting help.

Thanks for the forum search!

Okay, possibly stupid question: Are private messages no longer a thing?

And if so, @XanMag, I guess I will just publicly ask you if you can drop into the chat again sometime this weekend?

Yep. I'll pop in soon! Thanks.

Can we have a link to the bug tracker please?

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