Failed to load game / Loading...

Is the site having a connectivity issue? Who and what is affected if it's that, and how long will it probably last, or does anyone know? Or is it something else? I have an 11 -12 mb game online of my own not loading for several days now. I can play it after downloading but it used to play quickly and we'll online and that's changed.
I am trying to write another game that's even more complex, and I don't know whether or not to keep working on it.

There was an issue, but looks like it is resolved now.

Nope. It's still happening.

It is working okay for me (I can see the home page, play a quest game, open a game to edit). Can you give some details of what you are trying to do and what you see?

Trying to resume a few quest games, but whenever the window opens, it reads "Failed to Load Game".

I just tried and it works for me. Can you name a game it does not work for, and I will try that.

What browser are you using? It might be worth trying another or perhaps trying with a private/incognito window (it kind of wipes the slate clean so any bad cache or cookies will not mess it up).

Could that be the https-problem?

I'm using Chrome. It does NOT work when I'm incognito. Same with the cookies.

These are a handful of games I've been trying to play. Please don't judge. It is worth noting that these games have SAVED data that can be resumed.

They work on mobile too.

Still having issues.

Sounds likevyour save data has got corrupted. I've had that happen before for one game, although it seems unlikely it would happen to 3 at the same time.

Maybe.... It wouldn't surprise me if it was.

Though it's strange that mobile works fine, but not desktop.

I can play the third one okay. Is it only when playing a saved game you have the issue?

Yeah. All of these are saved, but they work on mobile, not desktop.

Does sound like an issue with the saved games. If you can, you might want to contact the author, and see if he has had issues - or even tested saving and loading. Probably nothing we can do about your saved games, but might prompt the author to fix it for future players.

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