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Hello, all!

I've finally got the chance to teach a class in Quest, and tried to start the process today by registering with my school email and reserving a sub-site on ActiveLit. The registration generated an error. I tried again and it said the sub-site name was now taken, but I have not received an email with password information. I tried sending a few messages asking for help via the contact page, but THOSE also generated error messages. I hate to be sending so many requests for help, but I'm just not sure if any of them are getting through.

If I can get this working, I have two related questions:

  1. Has anyone experienced problems with using the "login with Google" option instead of the standard username/password option? I just want to make sure using "login with Google" won't create some weird problem when I start creating my virtual class space on ActiveLit.

  2. When you sign up for ActiveLit, you are asked to provide a site name ("activelit/{yourlocation}"). You can create multiple classrooms within this site, true? For example, I could have one site, but then WITHIN that have one classroom space for "Spring 2021", then another classroom space for "Fall 2021" and then a third for "Spring 2022"? Or do I need to have one site and then clean it out every time I have a new semester and a new class with new students?

Many thanks in advance for your help!


The whole textadventures site is in a state of flux at the moment, as it passes from manowar to me, which might be the issue. I am not sure how long that will take, and to be honest, I am not sure what I will be able to do to resolve it if the issue persists, as it will take me a while to understand how it all works.

I must admit, I was wondering if it was worth supporting ActiveLit; sounds like it is!

Thank you very much for explaining. I sent you a private message with some details about my situation. Please let me know if it does not come through for some reason. I imagine you must be doing this project in your off-hours, and I don't want to be rude by asking for more, so thank you very much for considering keeping it supported.

Just a quick update: I tried using an old ActiveLit login from my graduate class, and it worked! The transcripts and logging seem to be broken, but I can create and delete users in my virtual classroom, give them a list of games to explore, and launching the web-based Quest engine seems to work fine (just a little slow). I could certainly get by with this for the upcoming semester, as long as the ActiveLit site stays operational.

If that's going to change, please do just let me know so I can make alternate plans. I do hope it will continue.

Best regards,


Sorry, I have not got any private message.

If people are using it, I will keep it going, if I possibly can.

That's very generous of you! Thank you so much. My private message just explained that my class will be starting serious work in Quest (via ActiveLit) in three weeks. The work will continue until the third week of June. If it is possible to keep the site active until then I would be extremely grateful, thank you. If the class is a success, but you need to drop the site, I would of course understand. But having the spring would provide me some time to convince my school to try a different tool with a PC requirement in Fall 2021 (harder to do, since not all students have access to a PC, but with time I could figure it out).

In the meantime, here is a link to the video I made in my graduate course explaining the benefits of ActiveLit for teachers.

Again, thank you for your time and efforts to keep things going!



I watched the video; it was the first time I had seen much about ActiveLit. Thanks for that.

As I said, I will keep it going as far as I possibly can.

Thanks! If you do need to shut it down before June, just give me a heads up so I can alert my students. I can be reached at this address: doug at treblecove dot com

FYI, this post is being done on my old account, which doubles as my ActiveLit login (hence the different name)

Many thanks,


I tried making a new account but I keep getting the "Sorry, something went wrong" error. I tried the Contact Us form but I keep getting the same error.

It's still not working for me and I still get the same error.

I also tried to have my game development students create a Quest account without Google and experienced the same error as reported in this thread. I also had the same issue with creating an ActiveLit group for my students to work but I thought that students would be able to collaborate on a single game as a team project. It doesn't seem that ActiveLit or Quest would achieve that.

I just tested it myself, and got that same error.

As I said, the site is being transferred to me. As yet, I have no access to those bits - or if I do I have no idea how to. I do not know how long this will take to resolve, but I am guessing weeks rather than days.

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