Modernization of the quest surface

Hello dear Quest fan community.

I find Quest a very good tool for creating textadventures and would like to modernize it a bit.

I have made the following changes and would like to hear your opinion.


Thank you very much for your attention.

Best regards

Soon Games

Look great!

I would add one bit...
Next to Category, there need to be a box for Rating (G, PG, PG-13, R, X)

That looks pretty nice!

(Leave us old guys the option to switch back to the old-school flavor, though, please!)

Special Request:
Can you make Quest open in a maximized window, without fooling around with shortcut properties or registry settings?

Thank you for your positive feedback.

Since I have changed Quest directly in the Visual Basic interface and not in the code, a reset to Oldschool will unfortunately not be possible. The games are "Oldschool". ;)

Quest always open in the maximized window I will try to change times. I would also like that.

Already done. The windows now remain maximized, even if they are reopened. :)


This may be somewhat unrelated, but if there's a way to search for specific games to download, I can't find it...

How difficult would that be? (While we're fooling around in Visual Basic already...)


The more I look at this interface, the more I like it.

This thread got buried under lots of others...

I think I'll 'bring it back'.

Anyone else think this would be a nice improvement?

I like it!





Like this?

This is not the SoonGames interface, but it could modified the same way. (I'm on a different machine at the moment.)

ALSO: I don't think we can use the MPAA's rating system. It seems like I read that somewhere, anyway...


Content Rating:...


Here it is in the SoonGames version:


Like it!!!


Look what SoonGames did during the latest revision:


THAT looks pretty cool, no?

Nice! but I would suggest a small modification:



That is a nice modification, Pertex!

ALSO: I don't think we can use the MPAA's rating system. It seems like I read that somewhere, anyway...

Found this a bit late, but I believe that's the case. I read somewhere that the ratings are trademarked or something, so you can't use them unless your product has been given an official rating.

One alternative could be the RSACi system, which is technically defunct but pretty well documented (and I believe some home firewalls / walled gardens still recognise it when trying to determine if content is suitable for kids)

I've got an idea: Quest for Kids.
It would somehow be separate from this website, but not entirely...


This should cover all of my games:

RSACi ratings:
Violence: 3
Nudity: 0
Language: 4

Ehh. I like it a lot except I think the GUI needs to be even more simple/use less resources. Using the GUI in big scripts tends to cause it to lag. Is there a way to cut down on the amount of information the GUI uses? I hope I'm wording this right.


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