Modernization of the quest surface

Hello dear Quest fan community.

I find Quest a very good tool for creating textadventures and would like to modernize it a bit.

I have made the following changes and would like to hear your opinion.


Thank you very much for your attention.

Best regards

Soon Games

Look great!

I would add one bit...
Next to Category, there need to be a box for Rating (G, PG, PG-13, R, X)

That looks pretty nice!

(Leave us old guys the option to switch back to the old-school flavor, though, please!)

Special Request:
Can you make Quest open in a maximized window, without fooling around with shortcut properties or registry settings?

Thank you for your positive feedback.

Since I have changed Quest directly in the Visual Basic interface and not in the code, a reset to Oldschool will unfortunately not be possible. The games are "Oldschool". ;)

Quest always open in the maximized window I will try to change times. I would also like that.

Already done. The windows now remain maximized, even if they are reopened. :)

This may be somewhat unrelated, but if there's a way to search for specific games to download, I can't find it...

How difficult would that be? (While we're fooling around in Visual Basic already...)

The more I look at this interface, the more I like it.

This thread got buried under lots of others...

I think I'll 'bring it back'.

Anyone else think this would be a nice improvement?

I like it!



Like this?

This is not the SoonGames interface, but it could modified the same way. (I'm on a different machine at the moment.)

ALSO: I don't think we can use the MPAA's rating system. It seems like I read that somewhere, anyway...


Content Rating:...

Here it is in the SoonGames version:


Like it!!!

Look what SoonGames did during the latest revision:


THAT looks pretty cool, no?

Nice! but I would suggest a small modification:


That is a nice modification, Pertex!

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