How do I delete my avatar?

I have searched through the forums, but did not found the specific guide that I need.

  1. There is gravatar to change avatar, but it does not seems to function anymore.
  2. Old members seems to have small pixel avatar which might be given at random or chosen, I like that a little bit as it does reduce my current avatar size.
  3. Current members have to go to my profile to change avatar by uploading pictures, which is a great function, except that it seems to make my avatar size big sized and everytime I review someone's game, my large avatar is being displayed despite me reviewing in 1 sentence only.
  4. I tried to upload pictures by copying and save those small pixel avatars and also use tiny blank picture but both pictures are still being treated as if they are big sized.
  5. New member avatars are the best, they take 0 size, if I have the choice, I would like to have a new member avatar, completely empty when posting review, the facebook like blank picture in new feed is alright, since news feed changes frequently.

I am trying to review many games from the website, please give me suggestions or advice for my pre-typed reviews.
My pre-typed reviews are short because to think and type constructive review and areas to improve on takes too much time, when I could be using that time to review more games instead, especially when most game creators do not really update their games or come back into the website to look at their reviews.

This is not a war against the furries and fetish games =D
I will judge fairly despite of game theme.

1 star
Game is too short.
Game have limited audience.

2 star
Game is glitchy.
Unable to understand game.

3 star
Forgettable game.
Game lacks goal.

4 star
This is a complete game.
Game made with hardwork.

5 star
A fun game.
Cool vibe.

You’re a spammer and clogging the recent activity.

The recent activity literally changes everyday.
You will not be seeing me everyday, so I have no idea what you are up to about.

It have only been 8 days, but I might have given up on testing games and reviewing games.
Most of them are half done games, 5 pages very short stories or difficult parser games which seems to be looted from IFDB from decades ago. I feel like I am just wasting my time.

I might try a different way, testing out the first few pages/rooms, if I like it, I continue play, otherwise, just quit.
And, there is not much point in doing reviews, most game creators just make 1 game and the ones making many games have stopped making games as well.

I am starting to understand why the mods can't be bothered to test and categorize games =D
Hopefully, my new minimum game testing can still help me find the good 60 games in a year which will be listed at,

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