Squiffy for Android

I have Android Studio and I have expeirence in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java, C++, jQuery, and SQL. If I want to port Squiffy as an Android app, will that be okay? If yes, what do I have to do?

I would expect that to be pretty simple. Squiffy is already a JS application; so presumably you just open it in an embedded browser; the same way the desktop client does it. However, I assume you'd have to look into how it does file management – and it would likely be easier just to use the online editor for most people.

@LA-Laker if you're talking about porting the Squiffy IDE to Android, I would be interested.

For the Squiffy IDE to work on phones... the biggest thing is probably it's lack of "responsiveness". It looks horrible and is incredibly annoying to use on a small display.

Fixing the web editor to work properly on mobile would be amazing. And from there, it's a fairly short step to an Android or iOS app.

For Squiffy games on mobile, there are existing solutions to convert a HTML app to be an Android or iOS app such as Apache Cordova. Or you can just use an embedded browser control as mrangel mentioned. Just make it fill the screen and load up your game's html file and it should be good to go. I believe there's easy ways to load subresources into a webview.

Perhaps look at https://developer.android.com/guide/webapps/webview and https://developer.android.com/guide/webapps/load-local-content - they should have everything needed for creating an Android app of a Squiffy game. And shouldn't be hard if you already have any Android development experience. (if you need more, that site has plenty of information on getting started with Android development, being their official documentation)

The Squiffy game I just launched at https://www.dragonchoice.com/you-choose is optimised for mobile - well, I say 'optimised'; it's a better experience if you play it on a decent screen, but it works just fine on mobile.

I think most Squiffy games work fine on mobile. It helps that they are mostly just "click a link to continue" and by default very little in the way of styling other than a couple things to try and make it look fairly similar regardless of screen size.

And when you mess around with them to make them look better than plain text (as you should) it'll probably still be fine (due to Squiffy's simple styling by default), and there's always the browser's "responsive design mode" to see what it will look like on different devices to make sure.

I had a quick look at your game @fvu109, looks good. I really like the styles you are using. The section appearance and how you did the stats and traits in the sidebar are nice.
Though I do wonder if you manually put in the unordered lists (for the ::before styles) or not.

I use the FontAwesome library extensively for inventory icons etc - a lot of them work off classes in the stylesheet, others I did manually.

The sidebar itself was entirely @mrangel's handiwork - not sure if the game would be playable (or at least enjoyable) without it. Having inventory tracked, quests logged etc in there made an enormous difference in the early stages of development.

Yeah. Inventory and quests in the side bar where you can see them easily is great. And on mobile the sidebar by default is hidden, but easy to open and close so it still works.
I'm not a fan of Riders of Pern, but your game looks and plays nicely.

(Though this is getting a little off topic now)

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