TextFX functions

In 2018, Richard Headkid attempted to create better text effects than the already existing @replace function for Squiffy.

His two examples are very cool, but they don't work in the master section [[]]:

Ideally, could one of our generous and kind forum experts (Richard Headkid, mrangel, K.V., Bluevoss, or anyone I've shamefully failed to mention) create an addition to:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Squiffy\resources\app\node_modules\squiffy\squiffy.template.js"

For the appearance, it may be best to follow the existing method:

{label:some_text=Here is a sentence to [replace].}

@replace some_text = Now the previous sentence has been replaced with this one.


{label:some_text=Here is a sentence to [backspace and retype].}

@Typewrite some_text = Now the previous sentence has been backspaced and this one has been typed.

Thank you all for your years of work on Squiffy tips, tricks, and improvements.

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