Reviews by WayTooCasualGamer

14 Jan 2017
Fantastic game... Tho, I do think it is a copy of league of legends

Review for House of Curses
10 Dec 2016
not a bad game. I would give a better rating if you didn't go on random games you didn't play and leave ratings.

Review for Poro Adventures
10 Dec 2016
Fantastic game, I spent hours playing it.

Review for I Can Pee On This
10 Dec 2016
Very nice weird game, descriptions long and descriptive. Well done

03 Dec 2016
Very clever

Review for The Legend of Ooga
03 Dec 2016
i feel compelled to swear.
no i wont.
reasons why you earned 1 shining golden star:
-no way to win
-every possible way to die
-game too short
-descriptions too short
fine i will swear.
the author is an A**HOLE WHO IS FULL OF SH*T
that's better.
good bye.