Lemon Simulator 2014 by legodan99

You wake up, suddenly aware that you are a lemon. You have to escape and regain your humanity.

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Review by aidan101
27 Jan 2019
This is a fantastic game. I have never been more invested while playing a game. I have played for so long that the house around me has crumbled and tourists come by and take pictures. I haven't seen the sun for years, and I can't even remember the names of my family. One day aliens will visit Earth, and this will be the chosen form of contact, by all nations of the world. Societies will be built upon it's teachings the same way Communism spread from Marx's theories. Thank you for this truly life-changing experience.

17 Nov 2018
I was thinking of becoming a lemon, but after this educational experience, I am seriously reconsidering. Thank you, legodan99, for educating me on the hardships of lemons. I will be sure to donate to lemon-friendly charities from now on.

Review by comop man
09 Nov 2018
it was awesome all the weird and random endings. If you want weird comedy and to keep trying for the ending you want this is the ext adventure for you.

02 Nov 2018

Review by schoolaccount
12 Oct 2018
This game is amazing.

Review by PureClover6711
16 Aug 2018
XD this was almost the dumbest thing I've ever played. It was great.

Review by DaisyBlu2018
03 Aug 2018
Best lemon simulator I've ever played!

Review by Farticus
09 Jul 2018
This game is just plain amazing. It was hilarious and fun to try to figure out. Just enough hardness, and just enough humor to put this game at a 5-star rating for me. I can't wait to see more games by this guy! This game is awesome! 10\10!

Review by CraftyKat
01 Jul 2018
Very well made.

Couldn't figure out how to not die.

11/10 would recommend.

Review by Mr. Parser
30 Jun 2018
Well made, but not very enjoyable.

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