Lemon Simulator 2014 by legodan99

You wake up, suddenly aware that you are a lemon. You have to escape and regain your humanity.

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Review by JING WANG
08 Jul 2023
funny funny funny!!!!!

Review by 11kjmarieh
17 Feb 2023
stupid funny

Review by DHRunner2642
30 Dec 2022
It is simply the greatest game.

Review by bl00dynov3l
09 Feb 2022
A very funny and fantastic game. It sucks that we didn't get any more games like this.

Review by Dumptruck
14 Nov 2021
This was nothing less than extraordinary. It gives you the opportunity to dive into the point of view of an individual lemon. It tugged at my heart strings. 69/10, would play again.

Review by Battybait329250
16 Jul 2021
This… oh this is beautiful, the first happy ending I had was when I became a lemon tree and have lemon children, beautiful game really

Review by Camero2K
17 Dec 2020
I remember playing this game. All I will say is:
Too bad we weren't lucky enough to see a 2015 version.

Review by Papzap
08 Aug 2020
the ending was the funniest part XD I wont give it away. its very absurd

Review by Docdaughter1
31 Jul 2020
Yeah it's alright

Review by Ravioli999
17 May 2020
[Insert text here]

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