Lemon Simulator 2014 by legodan99

You wake up, suddenly aware that you are a lemon. You have to escape and regain your humanity.

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Review by Ellibobs1
25 Jun 2017
Lemon/Lemon its great!

Review by JRehfeldt
08 Jun 2017
I'm a little SOUR that I didn't get the ending on my first try. Very good story.

Review by chocorella
17 May 2017
So much lemony humour and goodness. I love it.

Review by benergize
22 Jan 2017
Hilarious and fun in equal measures.

Review by kuribohluv
22 Jan 2017
10/10 would lemon again

Review by WayTooCasualGamer
14 Jan 2017
Fantastic game... Tho, I do think it is a copy of league of legends

Review by Regisblackgaard
19 Dec 2016

Review by kysg
19 Dec 2016
my favorite part about this game is the more i played it the faster pace it got. minimal reading, helped the fast paced-ness of it, nice game.

10/10 would let mad scientist burn my house down with incendiary lemon grenades

Review by snazzy ray
20 Nov 2016
This is pretty freakin nifty

Review by EchoExe
13 Nov 2016
I rate this Lemon/Lemon.

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Written for Quest 5.5
Published 18 Jul 2014