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Review for First Times
20 Oct 2012
Very impressive. The only gripe I have is that since I tend to explore/examine every single thing I can in horror games, it'd be a bit more immersive if most interactions had a unique description rather than "You can't use them that way" or "You can't see that" or "Nothing happens". Even maybe a little very subtle humour when you try to use an item on another item that wouldn't clearly have any useful effect or do something silly (like speaking to a door which I tried to do a couple of times). And even for the places where there is nothing particularly unique about the ceiling/floor or walls, and something generic HAS to be written, something like "You look down to the floor but see nothing unusual" is better than "I can't see that" which doesn't really make sense. And sometimes items will reappear as if I never took them if I revisit the scene. Just a bug.

I like how some of the messages when you try to open particular doors is kind of weird. Like the one in front of the maternity ward or the one in front of the operating theatre.
That part after the operating theatre was great. (AND THE CHILD DOLL OH GOD, THE CHILD DOLL). Executing something like that in text form doesn't seem easy but you make it scary as hell. The foreshadowing in the red book was awesome as well. Holy shit. And the game is really Silent Hill-esque, especially with the rust, disturbing imagery and the particular type of puzzle solving. Obviously a plus.

But anyway I loved what descriptions you did have and the little parts of them that would send a chill down your spine (examining the mirror or the janitor's closet door). But like I said at the start of this comment, some (few) parts of the game just a feel a bit empty and there's a couple of bugs. That's all. Looking forward to your next horror game.