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Review for The Prison Escape
29 Aug 2015
Fantastic game. that's the kind of game i like: a short, but fun game. i made it to the end, and i can't wait for a second part. who knows what kind of awesome things awaits outside?
History: 3/5 you're a prisioner, and you have to escape. "Great Story, bruh."
Gameplay: 4/5 it's a little bit confusing to know where i am, but it's awesome! but why is there such useless things like febreze and mop? i dont had to use it.
Drama: 0/5 when i talk about drama in a review, im talking about the parts where something incredible happens. something that shocks the player, and even makes him sad sometimes. something that can change the whole history. i didnt saw that.

Overall: 3/5 It's a good game, unfortunately it ends in a Cliffhanger.

3 - OK

29 Aug 2015
Ouch, Right In The Feels. I Can't Even Do The Review Correctly. just..... Perfect.

29 Aug 2015
I Loved it. too bad there's only two nights. i feel bad for my companion.
So, Let's See...
History: 4/5 it's the normal FNaF history. your a guy who finds a job in the newspaper.
Gameplay: 3/5 it's a little bit confusing, but it's cool!
Drama: 0/5 by talking about drama, i mean those parts who something incredible happens and you weren't prepared, you end up getting shocked and maybe sad about what happened. the only time that happens was the companions death, so....
Overall: 4/5 the game is really cool, but you have to finish it. it needs more Drama, Shocking parts. the gameplay is awesome, but the player isn't that free. the history is the same from FNaF, but it's even more awesome as you have multiple choices.

Rating: 4- Good!