The Prison Escape by wolfang101

This is a short game.

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Review by Luke_S
29 Nov 2015
The game was bad, it lacked a lot of descriptions (nothing out of the ordinary is a bit boring after you read it 20 times), it was extremely easy, and just plain boring. Almost as if you've just completed half the "How to make a text adventure" tutorial, and just... stopped there.

will not recommend

Review by nero5
29 Aug 2015
Fantastic game. that's the kind of game i like: a short, but fun game. i made it to the end, and i can't wait for a second part. who knows what kind of awesome things awaits outside?
History: 3/5 you're a prisioner, and you have to escape. "Great Story, bruh."
Gameplay: 4/5 it's a little bit confusing to know where i am, but it's awesome! but why is there such useless things like febreze and mop? i dont had to use it.
Drama: 0/5 when i talk about drama in a review, im talking about the parts where something incredible happens. something that shocks the player, and even makes him sad sometimes. something that can change the whole history. i didnt saw that.

Overall: 3/5 It's a good game, unfortunately it ends in a Cliffhanger.

3 - OK

Review by Lyue46
23 Jul 2015

Review by xX_Shrekt_Xx
23 Jul 2015

Review by michkress
23 Jul 2015
Great start

Review by hjk321
23 Jul 2015
Fun but a little confusing

Review by sirfranky44
23 Jul 2015
my name isnt aiden

Review by BALLERGOD29
23 Jul 2015

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