Corey Everett

The game starts you out as Byron, a hero. You are in front of a firing squad. What can you do to get out of it? It starts somewhat silly, but gets more serious later on. I plan on expanding this game as time goes on, possibly several years. About 120 pages as of today. I would really appreciate reviews, even just a spelling/grammar mistake. Excuse my mistakes here and in game, my keyboard is not well. Version 3.1 * Added 50 new pages * Proofread, made whole game easier to read * made people more in character

Reviews by Corey Everett

Review for Ditch
11 Dec 2012
Somewhat short, but a very interesting world idea. I kept winding up in the hospital. You should really make it longer. Great game though, and thanks for the review on my game. Even now, you earned your 4.

Review for The Walk v1.0
01 Nov 2012
This was rather nice game, with great spelling and grammar (Excuse mine, I have a bad keyboard) , and somewhat terrified me. Now, I do have some complaints. It basically gave the illusion of choice, with only one real ending. It could've been longer. Now, do not mistake my observations for dissapointment, as I was pretty pleased by the gamebook. I would've rated a five except for the above reasons. Uh, bye.

Review for minecraft adventure
01 Oct 2012
Not exactly the right grammar. Also, it was only the illusion of choice and some of the choices just killed you immediately. WTF. Too short aswell. A good game is made in a month or two. Not a day.