You are in front of a firing squad (V3.1) by Corey Everett

The game starts you out as Byron, a hero. You are in front of a firing squad. What can you do to get out of it? It starts somewhat silly, but gets more serious later on. I plan on expanding this game as time goes on, possibly several years. About 120 pages as of today. I would really appreciate reviews, even just a spelling/grammar mistake. Excuse my mistakes here and in game, my keyboard is not well.

Version 3.1

* Added 50 new pages
* Proofread, made whole game easier to read
* made people more in character

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Review by Pip1
30 Oct 2012
I know it's not finished, but I imagine you'd like some critique on how it is so far - At the start, it was very promising, the stupid options were funny, yet occasionally inspereable from the survival option, and as a result it was fun to play. I always go back and follow every path possible when I play a gamebook, so I really enjoyed it. Once I got into the woods, the humour seemed to shift to fourth-wall breaking, and though it's not a bad card, you shouldn't play it too many times.
When I went to get some weapons, the game became completely linear - the fact that it was in a gamebook appeared to be a device for breaking up the paragraphs, instead of providing the reader with an interactive experience. Despite this, the story is quite good, and once you're done, this linear section might prove to be just the scene-setting segment - either way, I really like this project, I'd like to see it once it's finished. :)

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