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Reviews by JustAHumanBean

20 Jun 2015
This was a very intriguing and captivating piece, if not a bit short. The only reason I don't give a perfect 5 is because the ending is a bit confusing. I'm very confused, for example, as to what happened to the main characters, the "invaders", and who the person in the end was. Perhaps a sequel is deserved, great work otherwise!

Review for Venus Meets Venus
20 Jun 2015
Loved it. I absolutely love this. It's so thought out, and has so much depth. The metaphors bring meaning to things that don't usually have meaning, it shone light on relationships and how people end up failing to conform themselves to fit perfectly into the relationship. This wasn't so much an interactive story than a work of art. Amazing, a thought I had was that an 8 is not only all the things mentioned, but also a promise of infinity, the way it winds around itself indefinitely. This was so much better than a love story.