Venus Meets Venus by kaleidofish

Two women meet in a bar. This is not a love story.

(Mature content warning.)
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Review by ashstansell
31 Dec 2016
There are no words.
Five stars all around.

Review by EchoGumdrops
26 Dec 2016
Really fantastic. Reminded me of the mindset behind "Diary of an Oxygen Thief". A story based around emotion and reactions between the characters that felt moving and strangely relatable. I genuinely enjoyed the experience, though I can see why it might not have been for everyone. While many criticized the work for its "fall in grammar", I felt as though that was a part of the production itself-it's poetry in its simplest form, and that's what is truly remarkable. Definitely not recommended for anyone who can't handle strong imagery or thought-provoking projects, but heavily recommended for anyone who enjoys a good story.

Review by IzabelRexy
14 Dec 2016
This was absolutely amazing. It so completely encompassed all the emotions and conflicts, and it was beautifully written, bad grammar or otherwise. I loved it, and enjoyed it so much. It wasn't a choose your own adventure, and it said that at the very beginning. It all lead to the exact same ending. It is not a love story.

Review by TextBasedBitch
16 May 2016
It isn't a choose your adventure story, it's a telling of a story. You can get more details if you want them, or just forge on, but you don't have many choices. It's darker than I was expecting, but I can't complain on that point. I can, however, complain about grammar. I mean, I won't really, because we all make mistakes, but I could.

Review by Finn Ewan Cameron
16 Mar 2016
Started out well, showing a strong grasp of the English language. However, you very quickly fell into the common pitfalls of most niche writers. Patronising and pretentious. Also, your grammar very quickly began to decline from the offset.

Review by thatonestrangeoc
19 Feb 2016
Fucking brilliant.

Review by DawnFlare
12 Feb 2016
Fantastic, absolutely brilliant.

Review by Shadowpelt
31 Jan 2016
This is a great game! Awesome job on it!

Review by ChartsetGamemaker
28 Jan 2016
The writing was beautiful. At first, I did not understand the number part, but it all solved itself later on. The ending made me sad and happy.

Review by NinaZuzanneKessler
01 Jan 2016
This is fantastic.
When I finished, I realised that it wasn't what I was searching for. A 'Choose your own adventure'-story. But it was more. 'I needed it without knowing that I need it'-kind of story.
I have to add that this is very inspiring. I'm leaving, going to write my novel, thank you very much.

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