Venus Meets Venus by kaleidofish

Two women meet in a bar. This is not a love story.

(Mature content warning.)
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Review by Mr. Parser
30 Jun 2018
Barely even a game.

Review by Jellylake
18 Feb 2018
Absolutely incredible. This reads like a poem. This is art at one of its finest

Review by SELI-chan
08 Dec 2017
I actually started tearing up when I was reading this. It's more of a poem than a game, but...god. At first I went in thinking it was going to be a story or game about gay girls picking up gay girls written by a straight person but I really couldn't be more wrong. It's so much more than just a love story, and it WILL have you in tears, especially if you've been in any sort of similar situation to either Lynn or Macy, which I have (both). I wouldn't be surprised if this wasn't at least partially autobiographical

Review by ForeverInGame
30 May 2017
This short story had me on an emotional roller coaster throughout. I found myself relating to Lynn very strongly.. The writing style felt like I was really in the mind of Lynn, feeling all of the uncertainty, confusion, and desires she was having. It's difficult to put into words just how great of a story this is. I think the best way to dictate how powerful this story was is to say that I finished the story feeling a great deal of stress, followed by crying that resulted in me rethinking some life decisions of mine. This isn't a feel-good story, but it is still one I would strongly recommend, and one that I will likely come back to in some time.

Review by BladeAddict
17 May 2017
Absolutely fantastic

Review by JayyIsGayy
17 Apr 2017
Bless my soul, I was expecting something a lot more physical. Kinda like Lynn. I... I need more moments like these in my life.

Review by MW Creatives
12 Apr 2017
I'm speechless. Terrific. Seems like it's written by somebody who actually been there....

Review by ellieisshooketh
08 Mar 2017
Fudge man. I'm so emotional right now. That was a piece of art. I loved that too much. I have no words.

Review by E.Chase
07 Feb 2017
This is a work of art hiding within a game engine.

It is not a choose-your-path style adventure. Instead, it's a hypertext style story of how a relationship evolved between two people. Gender stereotypes and social norms of all types are broken. Characters are revealed, and evolve. The writing style has elements of free verse, and can be a bit opaque at times. I do not believe the grammatical "errors" were any more accidental than those of e.e.cummings.

If you have ANY familiarity with gay subcultures, this is a MUST read. I went in expecting a fun romp with some pron. Instead, I was totally engrossed and ultimately deeply touched. The author might not consider it a love story, but I definitely consider it a story about love.

Review by ashstansell
31 Dec 2016
There are no words.
Five stars all around.

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