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Review for The Larry Parable
08 Mar 2016

So Good. So Short. The beauty of this demo has inspired me to write a poem - an ode, if you will.
For Larry
O glory, O closure, O gods of the Earth:
Sing out in praise, the Good Larry`s Birth;
For the whole internet I will traverse
To see the light of the Next Stanley shine forth.
And O Sophie, O Creator, O Maker divine;
Just as the Larry went to the toilet,
And the photo-copier too:
The whole of this journey was made by one (That`s you).
And it is with unforgettable brevity,
And thanks 5 stars divine,
That I leave you with
This final Line.

Amazing!!! Really felt like as close as you can get to a text version of the true game. I could actually hear the Narrator`s delightfully British accent during the whole time!

Very Good!