The Stanley Parable - The Text Adventure Edition by nintendex

The text adventure of the mind-boggling game; The Stanley Parable. You play as Stanley, a simple man who works for a company. He likes to push buttons, basically; it's his job. But one day, he finds all of his co-workers gone and his workplace completely empty. Viciously curious, Stanley embarks on a journey through the building, eventually uncovering a dark secret from his employers, which threatens Stanley's very existence...

...Or does he? Being in control of Stanley, there are countless ways you can drive the story. You can follow it, go against it, trick it, or even destroy it completely. Which path will you take? How many endings will you find?

It's all up to you, Stanley. Good luck...

Copyright to the guys at Galactic Cafe.


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Review by MakeJake
12 Jan 2022
Fantastic! Literally the entire game but text adventure form.

I love it

Review by _xXMidnight
24 Aug 2021
*laughing noises*

Review by TakeTheL08
20 Feb 2020
see my comment

Review by FanofMario09
18 Jan 2019
Totally accurate to the real Stanley parable (even though i've only seen videos of the game)!
Everything is the same as the real Stanley parable.

Review by Sherlock_Strange
26 Mar 2017
"Did you get the broom closet ending, the broom closet ending was my Favourite!!!!

Review by DogemonTrainer
10 Jan 2017
Really good! Finally a way you can play the game(sorta) without download! But I think the real game would be better.... but I haven't played that so.. Mneh. BTW my favorite ending is the BROOM CLOSET ending. 4 stars.

Review by Donolf Trumpler
10 Jun 2016
One reason, text adventure

Review by Funguy161
21 Mar 2016
This Is Awesome!! The Real Game Was Still Better, BUT I GIVE IT A 5!!

Review by SpimMakesIt2?
08 Mar 2016
Amazing!!! Really felt like as close as you can get to a text version of the true game. I could actually hear the Narrator`s delightfully British accent during the whole time!

Very Good!

Review by
20 Aug 2015
This literally made me feel like I was playing the real game! Although I feel that you'd have to have seen someone play it, or play it yourself to make it feel a little more like the real game, I still love it! 5/5!

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