Neural Dragon

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Review for Minecraft TBE
06 Mar 2014
You only can pick up the grass block and nothing else can be done, please add item descriptions, new rooms, new items and a complete revamp on the game itself so it can actually be considered playable.

There is concept here but there needs to be essence!

Review for Escape the Room
11 Feb 2014
I like the concept of the game, but the main purpose and puzzles in the rooms quickly get repetitive, the scoring system was neat though, in addition to the "escape" games which I enjoy doing, particularly in the sense of 1-room challenges, but the game repetitively came back to the same idea of "use x on y" over and over again.

Review for Alone
11 Feb 2014
You cannot win this game, but to rate it in the sense of pointless choices is essentially what the entire franchise of horror games is about, despite having not played any of them, I admit from an unbiased perspective that the game as a horror game, not specifically from my point of view, deserves a spot among the games of its type.

11 Feb 2014
It is a rather short and somewhat confusing game, but overall I liked the ending, even if it is difficult to figure out what to do at times, overall I am being light on rating this because it is your first time.

P.S: You should fix the spelling of "Labrynth" to labyrinth and remove the second player object: It doesn't do anything.

11 Feb 2014
Interesting concept, but far too linear with choices that only make the slightest impact on the overall meaning of the story, plus the fact that you never can actually win, however, it is a modestly done story overall.