The Magical Labrynth 2 by UnknownPlayer0

This game, or Labrynth, has no directions what-so-ever. If you choose to play, be ready, because this may take you hours to finish! ;) Also, use the knife on the bone.
After 200 seconds, you will lose! TYPING ONLY PLEASE, anything else won't work. So, do you take the challenge, or not?
This Games Creator
P.S: Finally finished the editing, but let me know about anything goes wrong! Please try out my new (work in progress) series, Nightstar!

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Review by AwesomeBananaMan
20 Feb 2014
Why did I rate it this?, you ask, because nick did a 1 star

Review by eprince100
20 Feb 2014
it a hard and bad game. u should die in a hole somewhere far far away

Review by nicholas789
20 Feb 2014
fu simon u suck

Review by Neural Dragon
11 Feb 2014
It is a rather short and somewhat confusing game, but overall I liked the ending, even if it is difficult to figure out what to do at times, overall I am being light on rating this because it is your first time.

P.S: You should fix the spelling of "Labrynth" to labyrinth and remove the second player object: It doesn't do anything.

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