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Review for Photopia
12 Oct 2022
Chapters of a young child's vivid science-fantasy are intercut with scenes from a few ordinary people's lives. Sweet and depressing, and complex enough that you might need to read it twice to fully comprehend how all the pieces fit together. Very story-driven, with dialogue based on menu options and almost no puzzle content. My only complaint is that it isn't very interactive; in fact, you're practically driven through it on tracks, and any actions you don't take often become unnecessary. However, the story is captivating, well-written, and moving enough that this seems like a minor issue. I think this is the best example I've seen of interactive fiction that serves fiction rather than the other way around.
This game was created with colored text in mind, according to the author. Despite the fact that I generally detest such things, I concur that it is appropriate here. For those who prefer it in monochrome, a version is also offered.