Photopia by Adam Cadre

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Review by stormfirej
03 Jan 2017
This was amazingly sad. Well written. Immersive. Love.

Review by sandman42
11 Dec 2016
Very well written, also very sad... I like the slice of life and how its told out of order in such a way everything comes together. I liked the changing colors. I felt myself completely sucked into the world and immersed in the story. Not the most interactive but it is more focused on the story itself buy puts you in each part...
again very SAD :(

Review by Laufeia
21 Jul 2016
How do you exit garage?

Review by DavyB
15 Jun 2016
As a text adventure winning first place in the 1998 Interactive Fiction Competition, this deserves attention! It is surprising, therefore, that there aren't more reviews/comments posted so far? This is perhaps because it is more literature than an adventure, and has very few puzzles, and can't easily be classified as a game, as it is mostly linear with a single outcome. Although my personal preference is for puzzle-oriented adventures, this adventure is very well written, uses some interesting techniques and is competently constructed. On that basis, it gets five stars from me!

Review by greatbo12
25 Feb 2016
This is awesome! I am not usually very good at text adventure games, but there are plenty of hints in the game. It's really well put together and obviously the author has thought of everything!

Review by SakuraJDJ
08 Dec 2015
I really loved this. At first I was confused at why it kept switching, but when they all came together it kinda broke my heart. It was like reading a story piece at a time, but out of order. Its beautiful and amazing and your coding of it was excellent!

Review by coolalexia123
07 Dec 2015
Absolutely amazing!

Review by MisterG
04 Dec 2015
Love it! It is written really well, and really comes together nicely. Great, engaging and original story.

Review by JC-R
17 Oct 2015

Review by the_ringmaster
01 Aug 2015
Awesome, engaging, and original. I love how everything is interwoven and related. Great storytelling, excellent writing.

I wish more people played this.

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Adam Cadre
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Published 01 Oct 1998
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