Photopia by Adam Cadre

1st Place, 1998 Interactive Fiction Competition
Voted best interactive fiction of all time (2015 poll)

"This is a work so hugely influential to IF development that anyone interested in the history of the form should try it." —Emily Short

"Photopia is important to video games as a whole, to the advancement of our understanding of the interactive medium." —

"I don't think any other work of art has ever affected me to the extent that Photopia has." —
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Review by DHRunner2642
29 Dec 2022
Amazing. Really fun to play.

Review by Elson Sellon
12 Oct 2022
Chapters of a young child's vivid science-fantasy are intercut with scenes from a few ordinary people's lives. Sweet and depressing, and complex enough that you might need to read it twice to fully comprehend how all the pieces fit together. Very story-driven, with dialogue based on menu options and almost no puzzle content. My only complaint is that it isn't very interactive; in fact, you're practically driven through it on tracks, and any actions you don't take often become unnecessary. However, the story is captivating, well-written, and moving enough that this seems like a minor issue. I think this is the best example I've seen of interactive fiction that serves fiction rather than the other way around.
This game was created with colored text in mind, according to the author. Despite the fact that I generally detest such things, I concur that it is appropriate here. For those who prefer it in monochrome, a version is also offered.

Review by broadwaydude
09 Nov 2021
One of the best IFs there are. If consistently type in, "Who am I", you're going to get a lot of juicy information that better help keep track of the story. I'm saying this because I naturally did this and knew that a lot of people wouldn't.
It hooks you in the begging and it hooks you again. And again. And again.
The way that it's played makes your choices feel original despite the fact that the path the author planned on their audience to take is set in stone.
Dang guys, when I saw that abundance of green lights, I was like, NOOOOOO!!!!!!!

Also, you get out of the garage by typing "Get out".


Review by Savio
06 Jul 2020
Beautifully written

Review by FantasyLand
16 Dec 2018
I keep playing this game, even though it rips my heart out every time.

The use of colors, the story, the dialogue, everything about this game is just so perfect. My favorite thing is probably the ending... It feels, somehow, fitting.

Good job for ruining my day, Mr. Cadre. You should be proud of yourself.

Review by rhett78
21 Sep 2017
I love how it's cryptic and straight-forward all at once. My assumptions about who I was were wonderfully different from the "reality." Not too long, Not too short. Just right, in so many different ways.

Review by Jfulls002
28 Aug 2017
F**k you. Just F**k you. You literally ripped out my heart and trampled it. I am now dead. This was utterly fantastic with just the right amount of suspense, everything coming together eventually in one beautiful montage, just to have the world come crashing down in flames. Seriously F**k you. This was amazing.

Review by VerdantVerbiage
25 Apr 2017
An excellent game with just the right balance of knowledge and mystery.

Review by MeNotYou
30 Mar 2017
REALLY GOOD, thought provoking and deep. PLAY IT!

Review by Cyeborg
21 Mar 2017
There needs to be more games like this. Sequels are needed. 5/5, Great game. A little too short for my liking, but sequels will solve that. I NEED SEQUELS!!!

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