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Review for School Shrink
28 Jul 2019
So far I'm finding this game very enjoyable. The size of the different sizes to solve problems is enjoyable and I admit I haven't gotten myself stuck spending too much time trying to figure out a problem. I love the scale used in the game and the rather gentle interaction thus far. I'm excited to see what happens with the paper airplane as well.

26 Jul 2019
I enjoyed this game a great deal. It was a little frustrating figuring out how to survive Trish's cleavage and how to move Beth's relationship along but reading through the comments section helped with that. I suspect she's dangerous, especially if you use tease too much, but for some reason Eiko is one of my favorites. I suppose it's due to when she asked if you'd rather ride in her panties instead. Her sexually assertive nature is quite nice.

I'm thinking I enjoyed the interaction with Beth the most, as I prize safety, and Eiko came in at second.

As the game is unfinished all the lose threats drive me a bit nuts but at the same time it does let my imagination run a little wild.