Shrunk at high-school (Ver.2) by Kageman

Update soon - 06/02/2017

You're an 18 year old male in high-school who shrinks himself to spy on the girls in school. Pretty simple.

Vote for which characters get more spotlight here:

Game Notes:
- You die a lot in this game just for clicking on things, save often.
- Some objects can be interacted with multiple times for different results.
- Friendly "tip", "Use cash on bra" during particular early game scenes to unlock character interactions.

Old updates log:

Tags: Shrink , Shrunk , Giantess , Shrunken , Shrinking , Tiny .

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Review by Weevers666
08 Feb 2024
Amazing pleasue update

Review by jasonblodd
30 Nov 2023
really good

Review by icelightning478
19 Jul 2022
Please more more more

Review by lobito2
29 Oct 2021
ATTENTION! good news someone is trying to continue the project here the link:

It's good to know that someone will continue it :)

Review by jamop
27 Jun 2021
Perfect game maybe you should pay attention to what the other people want.

Review by Lobo
30 May 2021
Muy. Buen juego ojala lo continuen

Review by Buzzkill
21 Dec 2020
Although the game has been abandoned I still very much appreciate it! Each death was brilliantly forged and made me keep coming back for more! This game was one of the games that inspired me to create my own text adventure!

Review by lollythepop77
20 Dec 2020
I can't find the Beth endings, I fiigure it has something to do with the drama club. plus Anna doesn't want to remind the drama club of the ceremony (one of the tasks). I can't seem to progress can anyone help me out?
Solid game btw, probably the best on this website

Review by Levelmore
26 Jul 2019
I enjoyed this game a great deal. It was a little frustrating figuring out how to survive Trish's cleavage and how to move Beth's relationship along but reading through the comments section helped with that. I suspect she's dangerous, especially if you use tease too much, but for some reason Eiko is one of my favorites. I suppose it's due to when she asked if you'd rather ride in her panties instead. Her sexually assertive nature is quite nice.

I'm thinking I enjoyed the interaction with Beth the most, as I prize safety, and Eiko came in at second.

As the game is unfinished all the lose threats drive me a bit nuts but at the same time it does let my imagination run a little wild.

Review by sparky51906
12 Oct 2018
how do you find the nurse for tiffs quest

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