Shrunk at high-school (Ver.2) by Kageman

Update soon - 06/02/2017

You're an 18 year old male in high-school who shrinks himself to spy on the girls in school. Pretty simple.

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Game Notes:
- You die a lot in this game just for clicking on things, save often.
- Some objects can be interacted with multiple times for different results.
- Friendly "tip", "Use cash on bra" during particular early game scenes to unlock character interactions.

Old updates log:

Tags: Shrink , Shrunk , Giantess , Shrunken , Shrinking , Tiny .

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04 Nov 2017
Really good game and I'd love too see more development soon. It does sometimes freeze but I think that's more of a server side issue than the game itself.

Review by IncognitoModeV2
14 Sep 2017
Loving the different outcomes

Review by FreakieWeegie
04 Sep 2017
Plenty of content during the game and nice puzzles through out. only problem for me was certain actions you must type in. for example the coins in the vending machine. other then that great overall can't wait for update

Review by FLAME KING
29 Aug 2017
add more plz

Review by Bentanox201
18 Aug 2017
It's a great game, i can't wait for the next update.

Review by Sceptile1009
15 Aug 2017
I love all the interactions within this game, it feels so charming!

Review by epicskull
04 Aug 2017
I understand life getting in the way, no problems there. A great game as it stands and I'm sure that future updates will only make it shine brighter.

Review by Reap
03 Aug 2017
It's very good for the moments

Review by This username
04 Jul 2017
The update is supposed to be today?

Review by G0D0FDEATH99
18 Jun 2017
Good job. Maybe add some ub.

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