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Review for Hawk the Hunter
26 Mar 2021
This was the first interactive text adventure game I was able to delve into. Even with my inexperience navigating through commands, this game was very intuitive and I found myself only getting frustrated with my lack of creativity to approaching problems, rather than the game itself. Once I was able to get past my initial mindset to attempt to brute force the game, I was able to then begin thinking outside of the box and began experimenting with different ideas. Regarding the actual content of the game itself, I was overjoyed reading the flavor text of different areas, characters, and actions, never failing to break a smile when some background aspect mentioned offhandedly could actually be interacted with. The replayability of this game is immense, with many new avenues to discover and a few different endings to attain. I am excited to uncover all of the secrets of this game as I go back through it for my second playthrough. Although this was my first real interactive text adventure, I am left with a great experience of the genre with "Hawk the Hunter" and am looking forward to exploring more games like it.