Hawk the Hunter by JonQ

You awake groggy outside your family's Keep, aware only that the Mindsword has been wrenched from you by a powerful Warlock...

A text adventure homage to the sword & sorcery classic Hawk the Slayer, a 1980 film by Terry Marcel and Harry Robertson.

Winner, "Best in Show," SPRING THING FESTIVAL 2020.
Audience Awards: Best Parser RPG, Best Presentation, Best Story.
Cover Art: David Eagleton
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Version 6, uploaded 2021, has improved combat, prose, gameplay.
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*PRIZE FOR WINNING THIS GAME!* A MINDSWORD pencil topper! Be the first to solve it to receive a free "feely." Scroll down for more info!

Play the "Download File" option (not the play online option, it freezes up), and SAVE often! Don't use SCRIPT ON, which interferes with Quest code. This parser RPG allows you to play all the way through in any order with different story outcomes, but please consult the TIPS, HINTS, and FURTHER HINTS, as well as a few HELP screens to get started. Here are some basics for the Bearer of the Mindsword:

*​ Start with your Stats. You must regain crucial attributes, but be sparing and allocate one point at a time: fortune favors the "intelligent," not just the strong. To shed light on your situation, visit the kitchen, the witch, and the oracle. Save your game after big accomplishments.
* The one thing you really need is The Mindsword. It's a moral imperative. Seek it at a holy place. There is more than one way to obtain it! Try lighting a fire, see what pops up, and pursue -- take a gambol to gamble. (Winning puts the "mind" in Mindsword.) Also, try your hand at punting.​
* You can't do this alone. Luckily, you have awesome comrades. You just have to find and assemble them. Brute force will not always work, though it might eventually succeed. Almost every puzzle can be resolved multiple ways, even the combat. Your companions and the Mindsword can be deployed, or told what to do.

This is a long game, so downloading is recommended for PC users. You will first need the Quest app itself, which takes mere seconds to download. Here is that link: http://textadventures.co.uk/quest. Then you will need to click the blue "Download File" link here on the right, beneath the photo of me holding a sword.

*PRIZE FOR SOLVING THE GAME!* If you traverse HAWK THE HUNTER all the way to a victorious end, you may WIN a 3D model of the MINDSWORD hilt as a pencil topper! To be eligible, send me a Quest message or leave a Comment here. I will respond with my email address and more details, and after I receive your game transcript (the Quest file of your playthrough), I will send the first winner this grand conversation piece (for free, at my expense) to grace your desk.

A photo of the (unpainted) MINDSWORD pencil topper:
And here's another:

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Review by CerberusTheHound
26 Mar 2021
This was the first interactive text adventure game I was able to delve into. Even with my inexperience navigating through commands, this game was very intuitive and I found myself only getting frustrated with my lack of creativity to approaching problems, rather than the game itself. Once I was able to get past my initial mindset to attempt to brute force the game, I was able to then begin thinking outside of the box and began experimenting with different ideas. Regarding the actual content of the game itself, I was overjoyed reading the flavor text of different areas, characters, and actions, never failing to break a smile when some background aspect mentioned offhandedly could actually be interacted with. The replayability of this game is immense, with many new avenues to discover and a few different endings to attain. I am excited to uncover all of the secrets of this game as I go back through it for my second playthrough. Although this was my first real interactive text adventure, I am left with a great experience of the genre with "Hawk the Hunter" and am looking forward to exploring more games like it.

Review by Evyn
25 Jan 2021
So far, I'm enjoying this game immensely. This world has a rich sense of history and atmosphere, and it's been a delight to explore the crumbling ruins and misty, mysterious landscapes. Definitely gives me the same sort of feeling as when I read fantasy novels as a kid--that sense of adventure one can't quite put into words. Though I'm not at all familiar with the Hawk the Slayer movie, this game (as far as I can tell) does an excellent job of sprinkling in the backstory as you explore the world, and I'm enjoying the slowly unfolding narrative.

Review by JoshuaPlace
25 Aug 2020
This is an excellent, fantastically clever game in the spirit of all the best text-based adventures of yesteryear. I played it alongside my wife, and we filled many pages of a notebook with information and maps--discussing the progress of Hawke and his cadre of companions occupied many of our evenings. The actual crafted text of the game is superb, and truly adds to the experience, making the entire adventure truly spring to life in one's imagination. All of the new "open world" games on the market now could stand to get a little inspiration from these sorts of masterpieces.

Review by Darstar
15 Apr 2020

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