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Reviews by E.Chase

08 Feb 2017
Perhaps I didn't pick all the paths "properly," but it seemed that the story itself was quite linear, and rather generic. Nice gestures are made, an mild "scene" (in the BDSM sense) occurs, they curl up and sleep-sleep together. The end.

If you're looking from pron, move along. You'll not find much here.

The "game" was mostly a device for presenting more information, like hyper-text.

Review for Venus Meets Venus
07 Feb 2017
This is a work of art hiding within a game engine.

It is not a choose-your-path style adventure. Instead, it's a hypertext style story of how a relationship evolved between two people. Gender stereotypes and social norms of all types are broken. Characters are revealed, and evolve. The writing style has elements of free verse, and can be a bit opaque at times. I do not believe the grammatical "errors" were any more accidental than those of e.e.cummings.

If you have ANY familiarity with gay subcultures, this is a MUST read. I went in expecting a fun romp with some pron. Instead, I was totally engrossed and ultimately deeply touched. The author might not consider it a love story, but I definitely consider it a story about love.