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Review for MyCareer
06 Apr 2020
Very entertaining, thought it was impossible at first but you get the hang of it :D
I think you chose the perfect amount of requirements to succeed. I highly recommend

Review for Dad vs. Unicorn
22 Mar 2020
Hilarious and thought provoking

Review for Unworded
26 Jan 2020
It's okay.
It seems heavily inspired by Depression Quest, at least at the start. Whole lines were taken from said game.
The grammar is also iffy. Unless English is your second language, it's silly you didn't fix it, with auto-correct and all.
The story-line is chunky, I mean, you know exactly what will happen even if there is somewhat of a choice.
Anyway it's not a waste of time, if you're board you should totally give it a shot. I didn't give it 1 star. There are better games too. I would say this barely scratches the surface of depression though, this is a fun game, not an educational game. If you care about good writing in your game I wouldn't play it.
If I had to say one thing, author-Hexdro hammers ill-motivation as a symptom of Depression & not that well. And Depression is so much more then that. This game is not a good show of this debilitating illness. But author-Hexdro did stuff right, they should keep making games, and you should play this if you haven't anything to do.

Also someone else said they didn't really like the poem, me neither. Protagonist said they were REALLY good at poetry and I got excited, but it was kinda, really bad. Going into detail it was so shallow, nothing to think about, it had a limited vocabulary, it screamed 'a child-teen wrote this'. But you didn't ask so I'll stop.

Review for Anna's Wedding
25 Jan 2020
Absolutely fantastic. I have no grievances about this game whatsoever. I highly urge you t give it a shot. I keep coming back to it, very descriptive yet not so much it takes away from the experience. I give it my highest praise.