Anna's Wedding by machodummy

You are Anna, a young woman about to experience the happiest day of your life as you get married to the man of your dreams. You've always struggled with your self-esteem and have been unable to control your weight since you got engaged, but you're determined to avoid over-indulging on junk food on your big day. However, your lack of will-power is likely to get you into trouble!

Choose either to attempt to resist your gluttony as the day goes on, or to embrace it, and shape how your married life will turn out in the end through the choices you make. Seemingly minor decisions could turn out to have BIG consequences for you!

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Review by joanna1997
12 Feb 2022
what did i even read....

Review by treeHugger
25 Jan 2020
Absolutely fantastic. I have no grievances about this game whatsoever. I highly urge you t give it a shot. I keep coming back to it, very descriptive yet not so much it takes away from the experience. I give it my highest praise.

Review by EggyEggEgg
03 Oct 2016
Pretty good.

Review by LemonCheesecake
13 Sep 2016
really love the premise of this; the way it's written is very descriptive and helps paint a very vivid picture. there are many different avenues available and it would be a good feature if you could actually shape the story the way you wanted. it may just be me not choosing the right things but it seems that though there appear to be choices, every time i try to do something different i cant progress until, say, ive eaten the chocolate or gone somewhere specific. other than that i really enjoyed it

Review by clarkpalmed
14 Aug 2016
An interesting and polished story featuring layered descriptions and a cast of characters which are multifaceted enough to seem real, but not so intriguing that they distract from the main character. The plot is fairly linear, however, the various offshoots of activities that are not required to progress, as well as the spectrum of endings based upon the choices made, have the potential to make each play-through different.

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