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Reviews by Candacis

24 Apr 2013
Despite some bugs, I had lots of fun with this game! I liked the story, the puzzles worked smoothly together, the fight system was new to me as were the sneaking around guards. I liked the mechanism. I wish I could've done a little more with the elementals, but maybe in a second game? ^^

That was a really funny game and well written! I expected a text-adventure, but a gamebook was fine, too. It was very short, but that encouraged me to replay it several times and I liked how the different companions changed the descriptions down to small details (like their behavior in the car). I think the first time I scored a - 1 quadrillian points but it was hilarious anyway. The humor was sometimes a little too dark for my taste (killing childrens), but the story felt "real" and at the same part totally crazy.
I learned something about pakistan, too, and learning while having fun in a game is the best kind of learning ^^ I would love to see more adventures in pakistan and I wouldn't mind some more background informations.

Review for Murder on the Hill
21 Apr 2013
First off, I didn't finish it on the first try, because my boat sank before I've gotten the clue and I needed the walkthrough for some of the clues, because I would've never came up with the ideas (and verbs). Some more hints in the game would've been good for myself.
I like the classic mystery detective theme, the puzzles and the subjects are well done. The story is really good, but I found that the game lacked a little bit of a finishing touch. The descriptions were very minimal and not every object even had a description. Most of the rooms appeared empty and lifeless and outside the 4 standard questions the characters hat very little to say. This put me off several times, but the story and the motivation to find the suspect kept me around ^^