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Reviews by Jamex

04 May 2017
It is a fun story with some good challenges. It does not follow the typical word commands however, and that can be a little frustrating. Overall, it is a decent play. I would recommend adding some of the typical word commands to broaden the accepted responses so that your players are stuck on the challenges, not on choosing the right wording.

03 May 2017
Great game! The challenges are tough but solvable. Great storyline too. Beware the clowns!

Absolutely the best game I have ever played on textadventures thus far!!
A truly five star game in quality, difficulty, and enjoyment.
The built-in hint system not only gives the user a chance to figure things out on their own without jumping to the forums, but also does not detract from the difficulty of the game because the clues are still quite cryptic.
This is by far not an easy play, but it is in fact consistently fun and puzzling.
XanMag I tip my hat to you on this one!
Can't wait for Xanadu Part III