Jennifer Wren

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08 Sep 2023
It is a new day at City Art Centre. The paint stores are empty. But all is not lost, if you can find a little black and white and make some grey. Can greyscale make for a beautiful picture? Yes.
What's more the hand-made puzzles are set up, where the studio turns the corner to the hallway. And your friend, Cody, another City Art Centre member has arrived with a lost box of ingenious puzzle tiles from her tenth birthday.
Another replayable game if you like to create things.
(Besides, it's one of my own.)

03 Sep 2023
The City Art Centre is an amazing place to relax and create. Two friendly volunteers live in the game world to show guests to the studio the ins and outs of the upstairs rooms, where to find the very best coffee, the pens, the brushes, the paint palette, and the paints. There is an antique radio in the lounge and excellent music for listening to while creating original pictures and writing.
I am decidedly looking forward to seeing more of these. In the meantime, this one has a very high replay value.

22 May 2023
This is a great game. I found it really easy to imagine being stuck in this house for a year because of the way everything was described. My favourite part was Felix. I read the detail about the car in the driveway (before I discovered Felix), and mistook the word car for cat, which made me wonder. So, it's a good thing Felix was IN THE HOUSE. I also loved the sound effects of the snow. Walking through the neighborhood was immense fun. I haven't figured out all of the puzzles, so there are a few places I still haven't seen. I did die, once, and was pleased that I still got to keep my collection. (I like scary stories.)

Review for Изморозь
22 Apr 2023
I loved the story. It was highly atmospheric and had both qualities of realism and the potential of fantasy. Now, this is not all I meant by atmospheric, but my temperature did drop a degree, reading it, unless that was my imagination.
It was a nice length, not too long, and never boring.
I had never read this kind of story online, until now. The only choose-your-own adventure stories I had read were paper. This was nice, because there is a different colour for already chosen links, and I was able to go back and read the other versions of the story.