☀♘ the Slew of Despond ♘☀ [Two Ships in the One Night] by Jennifer Wren

Here is ☀♘ the Slew of Despond ♘☀ [Two Ships in the One Night]
It is the long awaited sequel to ☀♖ the Slew of Despond ♖☀ [One - Castle Seed]

You have gotten used to the sick little mice. Now, you still will use them to catch fish to feed the cat and win his love and up your level, health, and skill, but you will need it to battle the creatures of the deep, too easily awakened, at least for those who choose to see them, as you cross the Salt Sea on the king of Despond Slew's sea-steed, the Seadragon, from Despond to a nearby island, Secunda, to trade with the great people there, and bring back treasure to a grateful king. Or you could just spend some of it. Vacation in Secunda where swimming is fabulous, or visit the peasants who dwell in the twig homes outside the castle walls, and learn more about the culture of the common folk of the Slew of Despond.

Most Important
Note: You will need "$" to enjoy the game. If you want to make the money for killing a sea monster, you must be in excellent health and have a remedy on hand or fireflies or the cat or all three. To make money gradually first, purchase in Secunda any of the things the king and queen in Despond request, as they will pay you for the import.

Note 2: Cold weather may have a slight effect on your health. Your level of cat appeal will both counter sickness and build your resilience, but every time the cat gets hungry, you have to feed him.
There are various health supplements for sale in the markets, which you can take and use in moderation. The clock in the status pane will help you know how long it has been, but guessing is fine.
Secunda has the rare hot weather virus, usually malaria, but luckily it is so rare that you will always have time to recover your health. Just don't fight too many monstres in a weakened state, of course.
Because this game is so terribly easy, once you know how to inundate your health, go out and kill monstres. Take on multiple monstres at once, if they bite, and brag about the results to your friends!

Note 3: Not everything that can be dropped has the verb Drop added. You can still drop some things if you want, but I almost feel guilty suggesting it, because you paid for these things. Why would you drop them? Some things cannot be dropped. Try it. They won't go anywhere. Most of these things are tied to the dolly, which is where they belong since they are purloin to the treasury.

Note 4: Some items include a visual after purchase. Some do not have visual images. I might add a few small pictures one day, or not (& I might write room descriptions), but I will ask you to imagine everything in the mean time. The drawings can really only ever be close, in the first place, I have no camera.

✽❀✽Ⱄⱄ. .ⱄⰔ❀Ⱄⱄ. .ⱄⰔ✽❀✽Ⱄⱄ. .ⱄⰔ❀Ⱄⱄ. .ⱄⰔ✽❀✽Ⱄⱄ. .ⱄⰔ
The Slew of Despond was the name of a small bog I lived near the edge of,
for a while, when I was much younger.
There may have been unseen castles there.
I consider it one of the many places in this world that no one knows a lot about.

Many of the more detailed scripts that helped me make this game came from GamerOver9000 and mrangel,
in the quest forum threads -
Grid-Based Room Generation Tutorial :
move player script:
And from The TextAdventurist:

If there are bugs in this game, please, let me know. Copy the error message into comments. Also, please tell me what you think of this game and what if anything you think would add to it, or improve it.
I have recently inundated the hired caravans inside Castle Despond.
Now, I have cleared some things up with the king and queen of Despond, and also repaired the broken shards of glass.
It is still not a string-saving game source or very slight, so some activities sometimes crash the game. I don't actually know I can fix that. So, my apologies.

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Written for Quest 5.8
Published 29 Jan 2024
Updated 29 Jan 2024