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Review for The Flesh Cavern
11 Jan 2016
I legitimately enjoyed this game. I think more, in this case, would be better, but most importantly I like the fact that you're actually capable of writing. There are far too many games in the "Adult" category here whose writers seem to have no understand of spelling, grammar, punctuation, and the like. I don't claim to be fantastic, myself, but being able to actually just write/type the words you're trying to say makes an enormous difference in my opinion. So top marks on that.

Aside from that point, I like the premise, I like the content (Tentacles are definitely one of my personal fetishes), and I like that there was clearly effort put in. I don't know how much effort, but at least enough to earn a five in my book.

I look forward to seeing more from you, if you still have a taste for writing. Hopefully a five-star review will motivate you. :D