Tales of the House of Temptation (News September 2018) by AnonRoy

September 2018 - Alright, I'ma be real witchu all, I'm not coming back to this. I've moved on in life and have other passions - including a successful career, a long-running side hustle, and a podcast project coming down the pipeline. If anyone wants to finish this, you legitimately have my blessing to do so. I'm gonna upload the latest version I have - which I would estimate to be about 75% complete - here to TextAdventures for you all to play, and below you'll find a link to everything - EVERYTHING - I have on this game. If you want to finish it, finish it. You don't need my permission to mess with this - you can change it, complete it, rewrite it, overhaul it, publish it, and even copyright it. I do not care, you have my written permission herein.

I am washing my hands of this project. It is yours to do with as you please. Happy fapping, I wish you all the best, God bless you all.



Now, a few words of warning (from 2016):
1. There's a lot of reading to this game. After seeing how much you guys loved the first game, I've decided to expand the world MASSIVELY. Entire fleshed out universe, comin' atcha. Expect details, expect backstories, and expect FEELS.
2. There are only six sex scenes completed right now, and none of the scenes (finished or planned) currently contain Game-Over Rape, which was literally EVERY scene in the first game. This is because THIS game is intended as a half-sequel, not a true sequel. This is a world builder, meant to get you comfortable with the ins and outs of the universe before we continue on. GOR will happen in the next game. For now, just bear with me.
3. This game contains Loli (which in this case refers to characters who are of age to have sex, but are particularly childlike in their physical appearance and/or behavior). It's entirely skippable and avoidable, but it's there.

PS. If you want to see something specific, IE you want a titty-fuck from Madison or want to give Eva a pair of Arabian Goggles, the only way for me to know that is for you to message me at https://twitter.com/AnonRoy or post a comment here. Your feedback matters to me, especially when I'm getting nearly zero feedback, like I am now! (Don't worry, Arizona2000D, I still love you. You're the reason I can say "nearly" zero.)

PPS. I got bored and made a page map/flowchart of the entire game, as well as one for my first game. Here's the link for you all to view the map for this game, "Tales of the House of Temptation":
You'll notice a few different symbols used - the biggest thing to note is that any double squares or double circles represent pages that must be unlocked via your previous choices. I'll let you figure out precisely which scenes unlock which. :D

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Review by Marcu§
21 Mar 2021
"A few minutes later you've constructed -aditional pylons- a sandwitch" good damm never tought that a starcraft reference would be here

17 Nov 2018
Takes a long ass fucking time to load on a laptop, otherwise great. I'd probably par a dollar for a full version.

Review by Anon1m0us
13 Jul 2018
Good, just needs to be finished.

Review by Hammerhead
22 Mar 2018
Even though it is still a work in progress the scenes were amazing. There were so many different routes you could take and the backstory for every succubus was incredibly moving especially the new recruits. It really does put a spin on the normal succubus tale and really makes you want to side with them even when the previous story framed them quite negatively. I know it’s been almost a year since the most recent update I hope this isn’t going to be left unfinished and I can’t wait to read the rest.

Review by swiezak1988
14 Jun 2017
Haven't finished it yet, but I can already say that I totally love the way you make the whole story flow smoothly, with much detail where it has to be. Basically as per current state the game is just like a book where you sometimes have a chance to change the order of events or pick few chosen off the stack. I'm still just past completing the ballroom though, so maybe I'm wrong. But that's not the point. Despite the fact that I have no choice, I really love the way the choices are taken on my behalf. It somehow makes me think you do the right thing to players' minds, making them - after possibly many pervert pound this flesh games - recall that even under a slutty uniform, under a body begging for endless pleasure, under even those perverted minds, there is a soul out there, seeking out some comfort, acceptance, understanding, compassion, some human feelings.

[little spoiler]
For the Shadow, despite I'm totally not into that kink and I got there just to complete the ballroom stories and because I got curious if it wouldn't be end of protagonist's life, I got surprised about how mature was that little piece of a story, satisfying just about the fact of mending a few pieces of a broken mirror, speaking metaphorically.
[/little spoiler]

Great job and keep it that way!

Review by bluegman2002
03 May 2017
Very good, expands on sequel a lot.

Review by Scriptor
09 Feb 2017
Why are the most perverted games the best rated?
Shame on you, community! .____.

Review by BobtheJill
19 Jan 2017
AMAZING!!! Please upddate soon

Review by Sponge
30 Oct 2016
It's not even finished, but that only makes it that much better. Because you'll be eager for more! The people feel real, and while at times it can be over the top goofy, it's nothing internet nerds like us can't handle. There is a story to each character, and whether you choose to explore that is up to you. The MC isn't some random douche bag, he's a person with moral standards that are constantly being tested around him. Just give it go.

Review by InfiniteBB
06 Oct 2016
Good so far, I like your writing style.

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