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Reviews by SummerLemonade~

09 Aug 2018
WOW. When I first played this, I was stuck before the basement due to technical problems -- the flashlight scene did not show and there was only pitch dark.

Anyways, the story is attractive enough to drive me back and find a solution. This time I used sub-Q instead of the normal web browser. (Clicked into the "IFDB listing" and found sub-Q) This time it worked.

And it's amazing.

Especially the long legs of the father at the end. Creepy, and it leaves room for imagination. It makes you THINK.

FANTASTIC STORY. It's a shame if you saw this and did not bother to try it.

08 Aug 2018
The story is simply amazing... one of the best I ever encountered on this website. It's all well designed and unbelievably entertaining. I love it.