my father's long, long legs by michael lutz

A weird tale. Some parts make use of sound, so this game is best played with headphones. One ending.
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Review by sarcoptid
10 Apr 2017
This was wonderful! The writing was really nice to begin with, keeping details just vague enough to let your imagination do the rest, and really setting the tone so that once the flashlight effect came in and the sound effects triggered, it was wholly creepy and captivating :D

Review by charlie_kb
22 Mar 2017
This... Is an excellent game! Makes me think, like, if Lovecraft & Neil Gaiman wrote a book together, it would be something like this. Loved the flashlight & sound effects
10/10 would dig hole again!

Review by Noah128
07 Mar 2017
I loved it

Review by Mister_Galaga
09 Feb 2017
I love reading GOOD, captivating writing, and this was it. It doesn't give many answers--really just enough information to whet your interest--but it's definitely enough to rev up your imagination, meaning all the scariness is really of our own making.

Not too short, not too long either. I suspect there COULD have been more, but what's here is quite good, and very creepy. Definitely give it a read.

Review by orich4lcumplus
21 Jan 2017
I came across this story many years ago -- in retrospect, possibly close to the time of its release. I had been meaning to read it again, and when I finally found it and did, it gave me the same chills it did when I first stumbled upon it. The writing is immaculate, the story a unique, vague, twisting tale of horror and suspense up to the last sentence. I highly recommend this to anyone that's a narrative-based horror fan such as I and has an extra five minutes to spare.

Also, a little side note, at the end of the story it shows inspirations for the story, and I see Lutz and I also share a mutual love for Junji Ito, a highly acclaimed and talented horror manga artist, and now I have incentive to read all of his mangas I've thrown on the back-burner after reading my father's long, long legs. Thank you!! :)

Review by ChamberQuester
18 Jan 2017
The sound effects were great and the whole feel from the beginning was creepy as heck!
I sure do like a good horror game.
Left me yelling at the end! :)

14 Jan 2017
This game was so exhilarating. This game grabs you by the throat and squeezes. It holds you there wondering, begging for more. I have so many unanswered questions but for me that is what makes a fantastic game. I want more and I feel like this game could be more. I really enjoyed this story and I hope there are others like this out there.

Review by AdventureText
02 Jan 2017
The story before the end was fantastic - a little slow - but nonetheless, interesting. It hooked the reader in with suspense and unanswered questions that needed to be answered. The flashlight part was very inventive and atmospheric. It really made the reader question their own safety, even if they are in the comfort of a couch. The ending, unfortunately, was very unsatisfying. The images of the legs were very well drawn but not scary. Even using jump-scares would have been better. In conclusion, the story was interesting and eerie, the sound effects (more specifically the digging sounds) were very unnerving, and the ending just didn't do it for me.

Review by KAP
25 Oct 2016
Neat and spooky story

Review by Littleuni126
30 Sep 2016
This was interesting at first but very disappointing. As far as I could find, there is no actual ending. I think you're just lost in the basement for eternity, as I wandered there for around 2 hours before giving up.
There are also a few glitches sprinkled around here and there. But other than that, this was very well written and made me curious as to why the father was digging but I can't forgive the fact that it ended with being lost in a basement, but even if that's not the ending I still can't forgive something so tedious would be added to a story.
The flashlight effect was really cool at first, but it quickly becomes a chore and gets really annoying.
At first during the story I was curious and excited to find out why the father was digging, but my curiosity turned to frustration when I got lost in the basement, my frustration turned to boredom when I wandering for an hour, and my boredom turned to blind rage when I was wandering for 2 hours. Overall this was well-written but not worth the time.

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michael lutz
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Published 28 Aug 2013
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