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Reviews by Malayn

19 Aug 2015
I have been playing Avalon for over 15 years and have loved every minute of it! When I first started, my main focus was PVP. Every day it was fighting, learning to heal and stay alive in the fast paced brawls. The fights spill over from every day actions from simple citizenship to partaking in legion warfare. On days when you just don't feel like being at the top of your game you can relax a little and enjoy the farming and labours skills. Sit and log a tree, plow a field, harvest crops, mine for ores, breed and birth animals, the list goes on. The warfare system can be enjoyed by one of any size and age. You don't have to have massive skills, only knowledge of the mechanics to march troops, besiege legions and plunder for bounty. This is just the tip of the iceberg so to speak when it comes to how immersive Avalon is. Whether it's casual play you're looking for or wishing to be knee deep in the thick of things, you won't find yourself lacking for things to do.