Avalon: The Legend Lives by Avalon Publications / Yehuda Simmons

Avalon is the longest running online RPG in the world. It is a fantasy roleplaying world unlike any other where emotions run high and extreme passions collide. Featuring epic grand-scale PVP combat with over 3000 unique abilities, a realistic 3-D warfare battlefield system, fully realised ecosystems, weather, economies and political structures it is one of the most immersive roleplaying experiences of any game of any kind. Avalon’s ethos is to favour the human over the computer; rewarding player intuition, skill and dynamism over any other. The intricate history of this text based game has been written solely by the players, evolving and shaping around their plots, activity and machinations for over a quarter of a century.
Review by Qpalzmfj
05 Dec 2020
Laggy. It drops your entire inventory and doesn't let you pick it up.

Review by fuleng
18 Jan 2016
Avalon is a free to play game and rates as one of the most developed MUD's on the internet with a large array of spheres in which to play from it's second to none player vs player combat system, fully developed trade and economic systems, quests, roleplay and a large warfare mechanism. You want to raise an army of the undead? Yup. You can do that.

The land operates around 4 major cities who persist in varying states of conflict and are fully player run and whose spheres extend outwards to cover the numerous villages and hamlets that comprise the world. Professions are varied with unique takes on many of the major archetypes from Necromantic and Demon Summoning sorcerers who can transform into Vampires and various other forms and who can command black spirits and vile demons to Bards who can hypnotise with Dramatics and Song and attack enemies over whole spheres. Stealthy Nightblades whose rope trickery and covert knives lay waste and great mages who surround themselves in fiery rituals and call on Dragons as companions , the list goes on.

I started playing in the mid 90's and every time I've come back there has been something new to engage with from skills, improved systems, hidden specialisations and skills and as of this review I'm seeing almost daily updates and skill fixes and what looks like lots of new areas to be implemented in the near future. I don't have a great deal of criticism to level at Avalon as I've enjoyed all of my incarnations and play sessions on it.

Look me up, I play as Fu Leng, The Ghost Wind.

Review by handerson59
31 Aug 2015
Really fun, but it isn't free after you play for a week. Why can't they just put ads on the side instead of charging you a monthly fee?

Review by Malayn
19 Aug 2015
I have been playing Avalon for over 15 years and have loved every minute of it! When I first started, my main focus was PVP. Every day it was fighting, learning to heal and stay alive in the fast paced brawls. The fights spill over from every day actions from simple citizenship to partaking in legion warfare. On days when you just don't feel like being at the top of your game you can relax a little and enjoy the farming and labours skills. Sit and log a tree, plow a field, harvest crops, mine for ores, breed and birth animals, the list goes on. The warfare system can be enjoyed by one of any size and age. You don't have to have massive skills, only knowledge of the mechanics to march troops, besiege legions and plunder for bounty. This is just the tip of the iceberg so to speak when it comes to how immersive Avalon is. Whether it's casual play you're looking for or wishing to be knee deep in the thick of things, you won't find yourself lacking for things to do.

Review by textgameaddict
19 Aug 2015
I've been an avid player of Avalon for over eight years now and in that time I've ridden the rollercoaster of highs and lows and passions and emotions hundreds of times. There's something keenly addictive about it that draws you in again and again and again and it's by far the best MUD / online RPG type game I've ever come across.

PVP and warfare are my two big passions in the game, the combat is fast paced, detailed and very challenging with so many different spells and abilities available (I play a Mage, light magic and fireballs and enchantments), while the warfare is all about strategy and battlefield terrain and leading your soldiers to victory. I think the best thing about it is that your actions have consequences on the world - something other games tend to offer artificially whereas Avalon it's do or die.

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Published 19 Aug 2015