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Reviews by SakuraJDJ

08 Dec 2015
This game is amazing! Well not amazing, but... you know. I love how it was set up, and It gave me kind of the same feeling of helplessness that Nicky felt. Kind of. I like that even though the dad wasn't there that you added him in. It does show more of the struggle you had to deal with. Nicky, your father was a jerk. Just gonna point out that obvious fact.

Back to the review part. I love the set up with text bubbles and how you had the reader respond to you. (Incase you haven't noticed I'm now talking to Nicky directly X3) I also like how you added in the responses like "fuck you, Fuck this" because I was really tempted to chose that even though I knew it would end with really bad results. I chose to read the true ending last and the lie first because it's no fun knowing the truth when there are other things that could happen.

I liked that choice though. This is a really long review and it's mostly me rambling. I apologize. I love this game. I love the style. I love the content and I wish there were more games like this in the world .

Review for Photopia
08 Dec 2015
I really loved this. At first I was confused at why it kept switching, but when they all came together it kinda broke my heart. It was like reading a story piece at a time, but out of order. Its beautiful and amazing and your coding of it was excellent!