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Reviews by Sponge

It's not even finished, but that only makes it that much better. Because you'll be eager for more! The people feel real, and while at times it can be over the top goofy, it's nothing internet nerds like us can't handle. There is a story to each character, and whether you choose to explore that is up to you. The MC isn't some random douche bag, he's a person with moral standards that are constantly being tested around him. Just give it go.

Review for Briar
30 Oct 2016
It's too cryptic. There isn't enough prompting on what you can and can't do. While it's written very well, it lacks any type of direction. You can observe a room, but each room I encountered has probably one intractable object. You'll spend all your time figuring how to even to work it. Oh 'get sword' to cut the vines to start the game btw. Even though it should already be in your inventory and doesn't show up when you look around the room.