Reviews by Wheelnut

Review for Wizard
19 Sep 2010
Again, a fantastic game!
I loved the B-spell!
But I did find the potion making very time consuming.

Review for Burglary!
27 Aug 2010
Never mind, as I was looking at some art to clear my mind, I realized my oversight. That'll teach me to actually read stuff that pops up on screen...

As for the review:
I found this to be just hard enough to be fun to play, just how I like it.
Then why only 3 stars, you ask?
Well, as Steve pointed out, there are some objects that get removed from your inventory when you examine their hiding place for a second time.
Furthermore, I found the fact that I had to spell out entire objects very annoying for example: I had to type ''something...'' instead of ''something''.
I think that's something that's very easily overlooked by players.

As for the puzzles: There were some clever ways of hiding key objects around the house, and they were solvable with just a little logical thinking.

And I personally found the books and the note a very nice touch!

Review for Escape the Prison
24 Aug 2010
Yep, that did the trick.
I actually saw that little menu, but I hadn't realized it switched characters!

I give it three stars, because it's a bit small, and because the switching characters was a little unclear.
In a bigger game, having to switch between characters to make use of individual special skills could provide the recipe for an awesome game!

Review for Shipwrecked
23 Aug 2010
Amazing game, yet I am experiencing great difficulty in locating the tiles.
I have 2,3,4 and 6...

I have located and entered the ruins, I have used the ant eater, I have blown up the rubble...

Could anyone help me, please? :(