Stephen Brown

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02 Jun 2011
Very well put together in my opinion. Considering this is a demo version I think you may of out done yourself! I liked the menus when talking to characters, it comes in very useful. Speaking of, I liked how you made it so they don't display right off. In my game a menu pops up the moment you click/type "speak to". The only thing is I didn't know you set it up like that at first, because nothing popped up. I figured it out though. This issue is resolved in "The Armaments Store" however, in there, when you speak to the gunsmith at the end it says:
"Push a key to display the shop menu".

Only recommendation is that you might want to add that in the other areas, so that people know to push a key to make the menu appear and then can select their choice.

Again though, very well done especially considering this was a demo.


Review for Escape the Prison
04 Sep 2010
I posted a response to this on the Axe Software Forums.. very well done! It took a moment for me to figure it out, but I managed to finish the game. I really like your idea for switching between different characters. It was once mentioned to me that Slackers Inc. should do something like that, but we'd already began production on our game and it would of been to complicated. Congratulations!

Review for ChristmaKwanzakkah
30 Aug 2010

Great game Steve, it's a shame you're really busy these days and thus don't really have time to make new ones. If you ever are able to create another game by chance though, let me know!