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Reviews by Edzet

Review for The Mansion II
19 May 2011
A great game, had lots of fun!
Thank you (again).

Review for The Mansion
18 May 2011
I really had a good time :-)
Excellent game (never got stuck, had no need for walkthrough), just good old puzzling and textadventure fun...

Thanks Nick Dablin for all your effort!!!


Review for Assassin
17 May 2011
I liked it.
Thanks again Mocha Man and Eager Elmer.

Review for Spectrum
17 May 2011
I liked it!
I do agree with B.J. Best's comments from 2002.
Finding objects, hidden in the desciption is teadious.
Tnx Mocha Man and Eager Elmer

Review for Wizard
14 Jan 2011
I'm stuck on where to find sand...
A small hint please...?

Love the Game!