Assassin by Mocha Man and Eager Elmer

In this game you will explore ThereIsNoMafiaHereVille, a large happy town with a powerful mafia. This town is not happy in all ways, however... an incredibly corrupt mayor is unintentionally making unemployment rates skyrocket. You will begin without a job and forced to work for the mafia to make a living... and to kill the mayor who has ruined your life. You begin outside a tavern that will affect your life unfathomably (if you go get a drink inside that is).<br>There MIGHT be another version of this game coming out from the police force's point of view.

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Review by maxx gamer
24 May 2016
the map doesn't work and i am stuck finding the ballpit

Review by kokybo
06 Mar 2014
i love this game. It took me a while to figure out but now i get what i am doing

Review by TeriyakiFreak
06 Feb 2014
I've talked to Vinnie, now I'm stuck in the club, what do I do?!

Review by Paper Asssassin
04 Jan 2014

Review by calidro
06 Oct 2013
The best text-based game I have ever played! But unfortunately the >Restore command doesn't work and I can't load my game. I was very deep in the story already and didn't want to restart the game so I quit before I could finish the story. PLEASE FIX THIS

Review by Mac Ewing
18 Aug 2013
Pretty good so far. The only suggestion I can make would be using the "clear screen" every now and then. Some of the street descriptions were big enough that it could get a bit confusing. Really good gameplay, though.

Review by Zelman Flame 22
03 Jun 2013
Fantastic game I love it!!

Review by Lucas
27 May 2012
i cannt find duck pond

Review by Lorenzo Galante
10 Jul 2011
Pretty awesome game, but I finished it in less than 15 minutes. Can't you put more story??

Review by Edzet
17 May 2011
I liked it.
Thanks again Mocha Man and Eager Elmer.

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Written by
Mocha Man and Eager Elmer

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Written for Quest 3.11
Published 31 Dec 2002

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