Tim Hamilton

This is my first Horror game. I have a try again feature in it but save anyway because if you waste resources you will be in an unwinable position. Hope You enjoy it! =)
You get drunk at a party and the last thing you remember is hitting on a girl. You wake up in the middle of the night in a large hedge maze. Can you get out? I made this one just to see if I could do it. It's a basic 4 direction hedge maze with a few puzzle and 300 "rooms". Only it's all done in one room.
You play as Tandum the son of a barbarian chieftan. One day some red cloaked figures pay your father a visit and you come home to find him dead. Will you be able to take your place as chieftan or will you be thwarted by the shifty thorgin. This game I believe is much easier than my previous two. The category should probably be fantasy or rpg.
You are an aspiring new wizard at the tower wizard guild when something goes horribly wrong. Can you save your fellow wizards from certain doom? Play Wizard by Wonderjudge
You find yourself suddenly marrooned on and island. Can you get off? Can you find fortune? WILL YOU SURVIVE? Play it today. Wonderjudge.

Reviews by Tim Hamilton

Review for Escape the Prison
08 Oct 2010
Nice little game. Way too short for my likes. but nicely done.
btw. I like the switching character thing. I have used it in wizard and am going to use it again in wizard2. If you want each character to have his own inventory what i did was create a dummy room for each character. So when you switch you run a script that moves everything in inventory to the dummy room and vice versa.

Review for Rainbow room
06 Oct 2010
A good game. Kinda short. I like the story line and descriptions and how the story unfolds. The use item on item thing gets ruined as do other preset editor commands if you defined the command anywhere as a verb. For example if on one object you put use as a verb and then type some message when they use it.
I had the same problem with take or get when I first started using the editor.
To get around it you can do 2 things
1. Set up a command instead of putting in a verb in the object set up screen.
example command 'take [email protected]#' puts the object in a string variable.
Then you can set up a case script or an if.
if #thing#='bucket' then do some script
execute a command as if it were typed in by the player
(click on the built-in quest comman box)
2. Don't add the verb into the first object screen.
use the optional set up screen instead.
in the case of 'use thing'.
its under things that items can be used on. under use item by itself.


06 Oct 2010
A very interesting simulation. Obviously you know quite a bit about politics.
Not really my cup of tea. (as they say)
But I did find it well made and enjoyable.

Review for The Escape
07 Nov 2009
Not a bas short little game. Too short for my liking. There is a glitch in it by the way. When you get the pillow the pillow doesn't show up. It's still hidden. I couldn't figure out how to use the phone. I cheating to win lol.
Not too bad though.

Review for As Darkness Falls 2
01 Nov 2009
Just finished. What a great game. A little shorter than some of cj's games but great none the less. It really makes you think. Definately worthy of a five star rating!

Review for Exits of The World
22 Oct 2009
I liked this better than the other one but still too short for my taste.
Not bad though.

Review for TARDIS Escape
22 Oct 2009
Oops for got to rate. For a short game I'd say it was good.

Review for Dog catcher
22 Oct 2009
Not too bad for a first game. A lot of red herrings.(useless objects)
But you can win it. It's a little short for me though. I'm gonna give it a 4 because I don' want to discourage alex. Good first game.

Review for ChristmaKwanzakkah
22 Oct 2009
It was kinda fun and you can beat the game. Definately not long enough for me. I like longer games.

22 Oct 2009
Definately a fun game and challenging. I wish it would have been longer.
no sequel =(

22 Oct 2009
Is it even a finished game?