Sim Political Career by Squirrel

Ever fancied yourself as a politician? Think you can make it from a 10-year old tuck shop supervisor to being a local councillor, a Member of the European Parliament, a Member of Parliament or even Prime Minister? If so, this is the game for you!

Sim Political Career is the first game I have ever written, with Quest or any other game tool. It has taken hours of frustration, tedium and wanting to pull my hair out, but for all that has been a labour of love. It has obvious limitations and one day I hope to produce something much better, but if it can succeed in wasting 30 minutes of somebody's life, keeping them reasonably entertained, then I will be very happy. All feedback, appreciative or critical (though hopefully not murderous!) gratefully received.

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Review by Hej
03 Jun 2018
Very good, however to bloody FAST

Review by Darius Dănescu
20 Oct 2017
It's doesn't work

Review by mandemKwame
17 Dec 2016
It's a great idea and game. Just a little bit fast.

Review by loristortori
09 Nov 2016

Review by Interista
01 Nov 2014
Really enjoyable game. I feel it has a strong touch of reality to it too. Made it to Prime Minister in five generations, and then played it again and made it in three. I gave it a four because it would have been fun to be able to use your power rather than just become powerful, for e.g. I'm Irish so it would be fun to see the fall out if I got the role of secretary for the north of Ireland and gave the six counties back to Ireland.

Review by Conservative
19 Oct 2014
Very fun game! I've played multiple times but I can't seem to go above speaker in Commons and a peer in Lords, even on the 4th generation. Anyways, it's a great game!

Review by ruhenri
16 Jun 2014
good game, I recomend it

Review by popapop
05 Jun 2014
Moves very quickly, so much that I can't scroll down have the time to enter a number for party leadership before the pop up window comes up to as me if I want to be a MEP or something else and then I click yes and scroll down and it will pop up again asking the same question. Pop up after pop up and constant updates that sometimes I don't even know what is happening. It can be very hard like that and makes it less fun to play.

However it does show potential and is very interesting, especially if you could make policy changes or vote, or do something with your political power and offices. Also on that note almost all of the commands don't work or the game is going to fast for them to matter.

Review by Alien Invasion
06 Jul 2013
I thought the game moved too quickly. What's the point of becoming more powerful if you can't savour it?

Am interesting idea though, and a good first effort.

Review by marcus hislop
10 Jun 2012
i love it it is such a good game
my best on this website so far pls make more of these !!!!!!!! :):):):)

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