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Reviews by Thunderfur_shirogane

01 Jun 2019
It was a pretty good game. I was slightly confused but that is probably because I had no idea what Higurashi was! I’ll have to finish the game through next time, but do far good work and GOOD luck! 😉

Review for Heroes Rise
22 Apr 2019
No! I didn't purchase the entire game, BIG mistake. This game was amazing! I loved it a lot but it sucks if don't purchase the whole thing. Totally worth it!

21 Apr 2019
I thought it was FANTASTIC darlings. I got Roger as boy friend! Darlings this was a very good adventure! Loved it

22 Mar 2019
This game was no offence, just bad! No matter what you pick you will never win Sasuke over! I’m sorry but I wouldn’t waste my time trying every choice like I did. This was just sad.